Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Twenty Drawings a Week

I think I should change my blog name to Twenty Drawings a Week, as that is what I have been averaging.

Here goes, my art from this week: (22)

Day Four, Every Day in December: "By the Moonlight"

At Starbucks, my away from home art studio of choice ... always something of human nature to observe and draw!

Same day, other people, other activities ...

... and yet another part of the room ... near, mid and far!

Day Five, Every Day in December: "Because I am Happy

Next Day at Starbucks: Saturday ...

... and ... my husband does pop up in my art from time to time. Do you recognize him by now?

On Sunday, I went over to my friend's house to help her with some office work ... actually I sat and drew as she did the work, just giving a few tips here and there. We are both in the same type of business as mental health therapists. In fact, she and I go way back. We even went to graduate school together and graduated in 1988, then got our therapist licenses at the same time in 1991 and opened our separate private practices.

Deb has a very big kitchen with lots of appliances neatly lined up on the kitchen counter. It's not as cluttered as my picture makes it look. It fact it is super clean and neat.

She worked at her computer and we talked and I drew.

... and then we talked about art and drawing and I suggested she draw me and she did. I think I have got her interested in joining me at Sketchbook Skool in January! That will be so much fun.
There will be a NEW KLASS: check it out here

Day Seven in Every Day in December: "Cotton Candy Day". I had no idea there was even such a thing as cotton candy day, but I have fond memories of eating this spun sugar as a child at county fairs.

 The people in this drawing are cut outs pasted onto the page!

On Monday, we were back at Starbucks so I could draw some more people. I love the varied cast of characters I find there. Different every day!

And depending where they are sitting in the room their activities differ. Laptop people mostly sit by the wall that circles the far perimeter of the room. Mostly because there are plug ins for their computers. And they come in different moods.

When we first go there these people were all sitting down at a large long table. But as soon as I got my stuff set up they all got up to go. These few stayed behind for a little while talking just long enough for me to get a quick sketch of them.

This is a guy I know getting ready to go on a trip.
Day 8 for Every Day in December was "Gilded".
I drew my grandmother's menorah which we have been lighting with candles each night adding one more candle for each of the eight days of Chanukah. The menorah is actually brass, but I thought it would do as long as I painted it gold.

Day 9 for Every Day in December was "Weary Willie Day", another new one for me. Emmett Kelly the clown apparently is honored on this day. He represents the times of the Great Depression in the 1920's and 30's in the USA.

For something different to do today, my husband suggested, since I didn't have any clients I needed to see on Wednesday this week, that we go to the ocean. It was overcast, but we figured mid week we'd be the only ones there. So we made the drive to Bodega Bay.

And it was overcast, but not cold, but gray and drizzly. I stood outside to draw and paint.

My page got drizzled on, and that worked out fine as my water soluble pencils and crayons went on easily with the misty water and I did not have to use a water brush.

I walked around out on the bluff and I saw and counted 21 black cormorants, six pelicans and numerous sea gulls on a large rock in the ocean. It was so beautiful out.

On the way home we stopped in Petaluma, CA where we had dinner in this Mexican restaurant. The guy with the beer was looking at me, probably because I was looking at him. On the way out he told me he liked my hat! I thanked him.

It was a good week for drawing. I hope you had and will have a creative week ahead.

Thanks for coming by and leaving your comments. They really do keep me drawing! I am always happy to learn when I've inspired someone else to draw in public.


  1. You are such a prolific painter, wonderful work as always Lynn!

  2. Love all the fun drawings and paintings and the glimpse into your life. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  3. Such fun your sketches always are, Lynn!

    Love your little running commentaries too.

  4. Thank you Nicole, Christine, Valerie and Eva!

  5. Great week of drawings, remember back when you worked in fabric. You have come a long way my friend. Loved the glum people at the wall. I am sure you captured their excitement or not just right.


    1. Yes, fabric art quilts was fun! My art life just keeps getting more and more fun daily!

  6. So...when will you be syndicated???? :D LOVE your work. I am one of your biggest fans. :D

    1. Want to be my manager!? Thanks for your compliments and support!

  7. As always it is great to see your sketches from your week. I love the sketch of your husband with the ways he makes you happy behind him. You are a lucky lady!!! Happy Chanukah!

  8. Every time I read one of your posts, your drawings inspire me to want to go down to Starbucks and sketch what I see, then I remembered I do not do that well, lol! I LOVE your drawings. You are so god and just the pictures alone tell a story. Great job BUT 20 drawings a week? WOW, you have to be as good as you are to pull that one off. Hope your weekend is starting off good. I am still blog hopping from PPF! Hugs, Rasz Oh yeah, I thought it was cute when you and the guy at the counter were looking at each other, then he comes up to you and says he likes your hat! Priceless!

    1. Guess what, before I started drawing in public I didn't draw anything very well. Read my book, see sidebar, to learn how I did it. This is a case where practice, I. E. Just doing it, gets you drawing better and better and better! I don't think I'm the best artist on the block, but I might be the one having the most fun! Really, get started and check back in with me in six months! I bet you'll be loving it before then!

  9. i greatly enjoyed viewing your week's worth drawing and all the accompanying comments.

  10. Wow! You are so productive! I love your moon painting.

  11. Wonderful fun sketches, Lynn. I really enjoyed the Willie the clown. Awwww :)

  12. Beautiful post...I just had to read what you wrote about your happy!! I love all the wonderful things you said about your man...beautiful soul well represented!! I am so glad you have such a dear partner!! Fun that you have inspired your friend to draw too!! Always fun seeing your week of art adventure!

    Hugs Giggles


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