Thursday, December 17, 2015

Very Busy Week, Would You Believe 30 Drawings got Completed?

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Click on the link in the top sentence and check it out.
You can read it after the holidays when you have more time, but buy it now while you are thinking about it. She writes beautifully and it's a good story.
Thanks. I like supporting other artists works who I admire!

Thursday to Thursday = 30 drawings!
If you don't have time to see them all I fully understand. It's a busy time of year!
But here they are anyway.

Starting at Barnes & Noble Café last week on Thursday when Santa Claus was there, with
Mrs. Claus and an elf at the next table.

His presence effected everyone's thinking as you can see:

I couldn't hear them but I am sure they are talking Christmas gifts too!

I continue to draw for Every day in December. This prompt was "Illumination"
I am getting an idea for another art project.

On Friday at Starbucks these folks had their opinions about ME!

These gals were too busy chatting to be bothered by me at all. They weren't even watching their children that well!

This woman was full of herself.

The next prompt for Every day in December was "When Bells Ring!"

and then there was "Frozen". I took this from a photo of us several years ago freezing in Minnesota.

 A different day, another Starbucks. I did recognize a woman there, but she didn't recognize me.

I didn't know anyone else.

Sometimes couples body language shows their need for communication skills training.

Now he really had a problem!

Next prompt was "Violin" ...

 I borrowed this from a poster on line for the play!

Next prompt was "Party Fashion". I hope you can read the story. Might help to click on the picture!

A different Starbucks on a different day in a different town.

I really loved drawing the expression on the woman's face wearing purple on the right!

Tweeking my style a bit here with the lines was fun.

Oh, and look where we went to lunch! Yep! Tacos Jalisco! Remember when I drew there weekly for over a year and wrote a book about it? It's still for sale via my side bar if you are interested!
"One Fish Taco and Half an Order of Guacamole A Year of Drawing Over Lunch at Tacos Jalisco"

Prompt: Poinsettia. I turned it into a holiday card. Consider yourself Greeted!
 Prompt: Dancing Days

I broke into my new gift to self, a hand made eight signature, ten pages each, herringbone, Coptic, stitched art journal with wonderful paper! I am having fun getting into drawing on cream/white pages again.

 Prompt: "Hayride" brought back old memories from when I was 12.

  Barnes and Noble this Thursday ...

Each picture tells it's own story. The last one is of a woman caring for some adult special needs folks, and no one saying a word the whole time they were there. Therefore, no words on the pages, Just quiet.

Wishing you a peace filled week,  a creative week. Hope you can keep the stress down and the JOY UP!

Thanks for stopping by and taking in my art I do each week. I know it's a lot. I appreciate your visits and your comments. They really do keep me drawing! (See, it's all your fault!) ;-)


  1. Thanks for your support, Lynn! And, as usual... congratulations on your fabulous and prolific art journal. You're a true inspiration!

    1. thanks Carolyn, i hear sales are up already! loving your book!

  2. Lynn, you have really outdone yourself with all these fabulous drawings. I loved the one of you and your hubby kissing and the one of the two of you dancing. I liked the art you did on a tan paper, especially the Santa one. Using white made him stand out. Great job this week.

  3. Fantastic drawings, you were really busy. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  4. always love your sketches. happy ppf

    1. Thanks Clare, that pleases me to hear, thank you!

  5. Amazing, great paintings and stories.
    Have a happy weekend xx

  6. very very busy :) lots of great work to look at :)

  7. Seriously this has to be one of the most fun posts ever! I LOVE the commentary and had many many giggles along the way!! So funny those guys critiquing you..they are the very reason people never explore their artful self...that's why I didn't start until 47 because I had a preconceived notion of what an artist was! Silly me...Loved the grumpy face, the woman full of herself, and the woman not rounding up the kids...omg it was so funny all of it.. You are a true talent my friend...I see another book in the works with these funny observations!! 2016? I wish you would leave poster or cards of your blog so they could all read this.. I am still shaking my head with joy. I got distracted with your friends link too...the book sounds awesome... I hope you are enjoying the season...hope you enjoyed your celebration and continue to enjoy ours!! Much love to you and Fred!!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. I love bringing joy with my art, so happy I make Ms Giggles giggle!! Read Carolyn's book I know you will love it! I sure did. Didn't want it to end!

  8. As always your drawings bring a smile to my face. I adore your artwork. I am sure someday you will publish a book of your own and become famous. :D

    1. Oh Beth that's a wonderful idea, let's see if I can make it happen! Glad I make you smile!

  9. Lovely work Lynn, Merry Christmas! I like the book cover of your friend's novel.

  10. Your dedication and drive are inspiring! I'm amazed by how much you do!

  11. Another great week of sketching, Lynn! I like seeing what you come up with for some of the prompts. I also like your Starbucks sketches. I do occasionally sketch at one in our area...but my people don't have conversations. lol

    1. Thanks Joan, yes my folks are great talkers and thinkers!

  12. Lots and lots of fun illustrations. I especially enjoyed the first one with the santa hat! :)

  13. Your posts of colourful drawings of people and your life always lift my spirits.

  14. Your posts of colourful drawings of people and your life always lift my spirits.


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