Wednesday, January 6, 2016

It's a New Year, Make it Creative!

Here's what happens when you buy a cell phone and take photos with it's camera. The photos are THERE, not HERE on my computer ...
and I took some photos with my iPad ... Those photos are THERE and not HERE as well!
So here are the scanned drawings to date.
I will have to figure out how to transfer the others later.
Maybe even before I post this new POST.

These folks were caught by my pen and paints at the Starbucks in Dixon, CA. a few days ago.
(If the busy Christmas, New Years holidays kept you away from my blog you can catch up by scrolling down one post to what I did over the holidays when I was drawing my family every chance I got)

 More Starbucks Stars!
The guy in the baseball cap up there was "stalking me", very interested in what I was doing, but being very James Bond like in his 'coming around' pretending to read a newspaper that had been left on the long table where I was sitting ... moving on, viewing me from different angles in the room, while I continued drawing his girl friend on the turquoise computer in the back, and others in the room.
I drew him twice!!!

I didn't mind being alone at Starbucks drawing these guys. They are often there and I call them "THE REGULARS"! The guy on the far right below seems to be the Gang Leader! He always has a crowd with him. (I've drawn him many times before)

Sometimes I have to guess what the people are saying or thinking. Their clothes give me ideas or a smudge of my pen adds "color" to conversation as well.

This fire babe is for a prompt in Every Day in January: "Hell Bent For Leather"

"Makes Your Hair Stand On End" was another prompt for EDiJ.

Now we are really going out of order time wise, as I just learned how to move photos from my new iPhone to my computer. (Thanks to my son who is in Oregon and the ability to Message/Text him there, while I sit at my computer in California, completely confused and flummoxed. Isn't technology wonderful?) (Yes, when it's not driving you nuts!)

  This is my daughter in law in Oregon, where we spent the holiday, on the couch with their new cat they adopted at the animal shelter while we were there. The blanket is one I crocheted years ago for my son. It's still very soft.

And at my blog I cohost with Ann Hyde, called Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens we are drawing SELFIES from January 1-15.If you would like to draw with us there click on the link of the blog name above and go there to see how to join.

This is the first Selfie for 2016 at EDin January.

Meanwhile, back on the road, coming home from Oregon, me playing with my camera I shot this Still Life in the glove box area of the car before getting to the border between Oregon and California where they sometimes confiscate our fruit. They didn't want my tangerine. I guess the guy had just eaten lunch. I got to keep it and ate it later!

Some of the beauty we saw on the way home, this is Mt. Shasta in California

This as frost on the window of the car when we got up in the morning to leave.

This from a pit stop along the way! Giving you a bit of how I draw in the car as we travel along.

Interesting conversation I made up for these folks at Starbucks earlier this week.

Another Selfie for PPP & P Blog ... and for Every Day in January too. Really shows how adapting to a new tech device affects me!!!!!!!!!!!!
But with help from those around me all of whom are tech smart, I am slowly but surely getting there.

The prompt for this day was "Heart of Gold" and my best friend from childhood, Patty, filled that bill for me our entire lives together! I've written about Patty many times on my blog so I won't do it again. I still think about her daily and missed her this holiday season especially.

I bought a  new bag at Cabela's in Oregon for my art supplies. It was such a great deal and I love using it now. It's dark green canvas and has a gazillion pockets. Perfectly fits all my art supplies. The three Mead bags (bought at Fred Meyers in Oregon) hold respectfully: one for pens and brushes, one for colored pencils and one for markers. The paint sets (2) fit into an end pocket that zips closed. It also holds two art journals comfortably in the main compartment with the three Mead bags. A top mesh zipper compartment holds my pencil sharpener, a favorite pen, things I can get to quickly with out digging around.

Here I am drawing at Starbucks hiding behind the bag and my iPad. The napkin supplied by Starbucks is great for wiping my water brush clean between colors.

When there I do not drink coffee, but I do eat Oatmeal with fresh blue berries and nuts ($3) for breakfast.
My husband likes their coffee. He reads a newspaper and his book of the moment about the Civil War.

Here I am drawing that couple in the top photo in today's post! Before I gave them words!
It gives you an idea how far away I am sitting from those I draw. I also drew the people way in the back.
See the woman on the turquoise laptop, she is in the second drawing posted here today! And the guy facing her is the guy who stalked me.
My #4 Selfie of the week. I am challenged to do fifteen (15) this month! Between Jan. 1-15th.

Yesterday we went to Starbucks in Davis and I drew these folks.
The guy in the upper right was sitting right in front of me. The two guys talking were at the window at the end of the room. You can see them in the photo below here:

The guy in green left by the time I took this photo, but you can see the two older guys in the photo by the window, really far away.
That's my Cabela's bag again, with my iPhone/camera bag sitting out of the larger bag.
I love my new camera. The Cabela's bag, I have since learned, is a fishing tackle bag. It is very sturdy and good looking. I got it for $9.99 on sale if you want to order it on line. Look for the green one.

Another Selfie ... drawn from the vanity mirror in the car while driving!

#5 Selfie, oh so flattering, while looking at self in a mirror reclining in my recliner chair!
Oh Aging life is so kind! LOL

I think I'll let Henry say goodbye with me at the end of this very long post! We were happy to get home and Henry was happy to be back from his home away from home he goes to when we leave him. (Miss Kitty's)

Now life gets back to normal, with the exception of adjusting to learning how to make all the stuff on my iPhone work. I am sure it will be second nature to me by next Post.

Have a Creative week! Thanks for coming by to see all my STUFF! I so appreciate your visits and your comments. They keep me drawing! Happy New Year!


  1. what a great post from top to bottom, such an inspiration, you must be glad to be home,, Henry looks very content!

    1. Thanks Laurie. Henry is asleep somewhere in this house and I am calming down from my battle with the iPhone photo transfer over a bowl of just sautéed veggies! All is calm!

  2. Are you finding your iphone a help for sketching, like referring back to pics you have taken during the day?

    1. I haven't used it that way yet Ann. I mostly draw from life live, as you know! Is that how you use yours?

  3. Great sketches today. And I love the frost on you car window!

  4. Much has happend to you ;) Enjoy seeing your fantastic flow of creativity.
    Happy PPF xx

  5. I am intrigued by the bag. Had not thought to look there for one.So many wonderful sketches this week. People watching is so fun but sketching them seems even better. I didn't know they did border checks between Oregon and California.

  6. So cool that you immortalized a stalker--love it! I'm new around the blog world. Happy to say that I am a new follower. Dea

  7. I so love your work especially since one of my focuses this year is to learn to illustrate my life. I love getting a peek inside are an inspiration.

  8. Wow a lot going on. I like the Cabala's bag for your art supplies.

  9. luv that you always add a bit of conversation, the coloured sketches i like best

    happy PPF

    much love...


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