Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Lots of Drawings Each Week Has Become my Norm!

 This is where we left off last week, and so here we are on a Thursday at Barnes & Noble Café where I will draw who ever is sitting across from me. Sometimes I even move around the room to get everyone.

I realize I am sneaking this guy in from the day before at Starbucks. Remember the couple I drew and I made them a "Hook Up"/Meet UP for the first time? This is the guy calling the woman before she arrived. (or so I decided) ...

Now we are back at Barnes & Noble Café. She was eating breakfast...

                        ... and the couple on the left was excited about something they are reading together,

... and the guys on the right are not together. The guy with the cane was with two people who did not make it into his drawing, the other fellow was minding his own business sitting on a high stool behind him.

Now we are at Starbucks on a different day. I was sitting clear across the room from this group. I decided from what I could see that the red head was selling something to the other two ... maybe getting them to become sellers too? I am not positive. The gal facing us is taking notes! No one is paying much attention to the baby. But he's okay. I kept an eye on him.

The woman on the left here is busy on her phone and you can see if you squint a bit that her hand goes up and down! Watch carefully.
The guy is very excited about what's on his laptop. Maybe he won the lottery for all I know!

These friends talked a long time. One was very concerned for her friends comfort, as the weather is changing here and we are finally getting some much needed rain!

I thought this picture was going to be very boring, until I noticed people coming from all directions to check out this little adorable puppy one guy had. See all the clicking camera phones in the bottom right corner. Later the guy went outside with the tiny dog running after him and it was so cute. I was afraid someone might not see him and step on him. He was that small.

I decided that these girls were sisters and possibly twins. They were so animated and cute!
It was fun drawing them.
On Sunday this group of regulars shows up at a different Starbucks, one I go to by myself sometimes.
I enjoy drawing them and do it sitting at the very next table. They are so into their
conversations they have no clue what I am doing.

She is in that group and was even closer to me than the others.
She was waiting her turn at the big table and finally got in as others drifted off to parts unknown.
It was a kick seeing these two women playing cards. It wasn't my favorite game of
Spite and Malice, but I drew that anyway. They have way more piles of cards on the table. I should have asked what they were playing, but I was more interested in capturing it in my art journal.
They weren't making very much noise!
Not like when I play Spite and Malice with my brother!

A different day, a different Starbucks... I like writing cartoons!

 ... and telling stories about people I do not know!

Like theses ...

and these, both of whom I have drawn before!!!

 Okay, it's time for a Sketchbook Skool ANNOUNCEMENT! A NEW KLASS IS STARTING ON Friday THIS WEEK! YOU NEED TO SIGN UP NOW AS THE KLASS WILL CLOSE AFTER IT STARTS ON FRIDAY! It's called "Expressing" and has six very cool international teachers teaching six different klasses. If you haven't ever taken a Sketchbook Skool Klass now is the time to start.

It's art for all. Doesn't matter what your level of experience. You start where YOU are in each klass and go from there. It's such an adventure and so much FUN!!! It has truly changed my life in amazingly wonderful ways.

Danny Gregory and Koosje Koane are the headmasters/founders of SBS. They get artists from around the world to be teachers and they teach too. Check it out at www.Sketchbook (click here).
You will not be disappointed. The fee for the klass breaks down to about $2 a klass! It's so worth the money. Anyway, it would be great so see some of you here. Or All OF YOU!

I wouldn't be drawing as much or as well as I am if it weren't for Sketchbook Skool!

This was yesterday at Starbucks!!!!!!!!!!!! AS was the picture above!

If you follow me here you know that in January I decided to do a Selfie every day. It's partly because we are doing it at the blog I co host with Ann Hyde:  Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens . But I may just continue...

It's helping me deal with my aging process ...

Some days are easier than others ...

I try to maintain a sense of humor about it!

Depending on the angle I catch myself at or whether it's in a mirror (above) or a photo (below)
different parts get more press!

I really like these distorted app drawings. This one is the "fish bowl" look. I think it becomes me!

And some look more like how I think I really look than others.

Not every day is a good drawing day! There are situations that cause a day to be less good than another and these are a few examples.

All in all it's been a very prolific week for me! I also drew for Every Day in January to prompts but decided to let you off the hook from those or you'd be here all day long.

Thanks so much for hanging out this long and for stopping by. I love your visits and your comments. They really do keep me drawing. I wish YOU a very CREATIVE WEEK! See you next week, and I hope to see you in Sketchbook Skool too! That would be so KOOL!


  1. wow, its mind blowing the work you do, you are such an inspiration!!! beautiful and such stories they all tell,

    1. Thanks Laurie, for your visit, and your comment too. It's fun knowing/hearing that I am an inspiration! I do have fun drawing every day!

  2. Amazing work...its beautiful to share those stories!

  3. You are amazing, thanks for the group of wonderful drawings and texts.
    Happy PPF xx

  4. Have enjoyed your awesome story of alldays life and people.
    Happy PPF from Germany

  5. Wonderful art and stories, I really love your selfies!

  6. Prolific and very talented!
    What a lot of colorful fun.

  7. Wonderful drawings Lynn. So excited to be doing Expressing.

  8. You are so incredibly prolific! Fun, fun, fun sketches!! xo Silke

  9. awesome as always. you inspire me.

  10. Lynn you simple AMAZE me!! Seriously you amaze me, you interest me, inspire me, you're truly incredible! Your passion flies off the page into my brain... I love everything especially the need to do a whole book like that...I feel you are heading that way! Your selfies...well I am in LOVE with them all...especially the quirky ones...and I think you need to make cards out of the one "freeze this way" and the fish bowl app...omg they are terrific.... this blog makes me happy! I sometimes read it last so I can concentrate and read it slowly... One can only wonder how many people you have inspired to try their hand at something creative!! Loads I bet!! Keep inspiring!!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. I love the continuing stories and the wonderful faces of your world. I know, I know, but drawing my face is not going to change facts. Good idea though. Yes, I do see a somewhat change and I do like it. Blessings, Janet PPF

  12. I love catching up on your weekly cast of characters!

  13. Lots, lots of fun sketches, my favourites is the turtles

    Happy PPF

    much love...

  14. The Sunday Comics are still alive with you. How wonderful to capture your week in your drawing. Do you realize what a legacy you are leaving to those future generations. Wonderful.

  15. Wow ~ you have been busy and creatively productive ~ love your character sketches when you are watching people ~ great style!

    Wishing you peace in your week ~ ^_^

  16. lovely and colourful sketches Lynn!


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