Friday, February 12, 2016

Post # 1969! That's a lot of Posts!

I had a frustrating day yesterday as someone hacked my computer and some things are not yet right. This woman in Indonesia looks like how I felt yesterday! I drew her for Every day in February travels.

I'm still campaigning for Bernie Sanders so it's not surprising I find people in my art doing the same thing!!! Feel the Bern!

Look, these ladies were doing the same!!!

The weather has been spring like here in Sunny California!

In Sketchbook Skool this week we were encouraged to add a bit of collage to our art journals!

A very young cousin had a birthday and his mom posted all the kids' shoes that came to the party. I decided to draw them! They liked that!

She seemed very satisfied with herself! I liked her attitude!

These next two were fun trying out my Parallel pens! I have different sized nibs now! Thin and thick and thicker!

On our Every day in February Travels I landed in Ethiopia. And drew these lovely woman and child. They are suffering from severe drought there for the past ten years! Not good.

I was quite taken by this woman's boots with the bows in the back! They were fun to draw!

A few more Bernie Supporters!!!
I hope they can convince a few of their friends to vote for him too.

I do love cartooning!!

I ran into this reindeer in Finland!

 Every picture tells a story!

And his story went with her story!

and some stories get done fast and people get up and go, but it was a fun week!
Blogger is not doing everything I want it too, so some of my photos were lost; some stories not told. But now I must leave it as it is and hope you enjoy it anyway.
Thanks for coming by. I so appreciate your comments. They DO keep me DRAWING!
Have a creative week. And be careful who you tell what to on your computer.


  1. what a great journey you took us on today!I really enjoyed this,,as always,,lol,,

  2. Nice sketches - i enjoyed looking at them.

  3. Sorry to hear about the hacking. I had a problem recently but Apple walked me through clearing out the problem...thank goodness. Nice week of sketching!!!

  4. Lynn, love the piece with the Ethiopian woman and the Indonesian women. It puts a face on their situations.I am a Bernie fan too.


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