Thursday, February 18, 2016

My Busy Week Drawing Around Town and Around the World (Vertially)

Welcome to My Week in Pictures

This teacher and student were at Barnes and Noble last Thursday. They were having a great deal of fun, as the laugher from their corner of the room was heartening to hear!

My week started with a bang and a thud! I got the dreaded BLUE SCREEN on my computer monitor, thinking I'd been hacked or had a terrible virus. A little white window popped up over the blue screen telling me I could call this number for tech help to save my computer from vertical death. Silly me quickly called the number. (NEVER DO WHAT I DID) I got a guy, who was able "to help" by commandeering my computer, meaning he was ON MY COMPUTER and now had access to everything of MINE on it. I had a "there's something wrong happening here, but I don't know what" feeling in my gut, but I let him put me on hold "while he worked on the problem!" Long story short, after later confirming with my next door neighbor computer guru (who I should have called instead immediately) we quickly righted the wrong; but I had to change ALL my PASSWORDS and go to the bank and my financial planner to put holds on all my accounts so nothing could be stolen from me!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!
NEVER CALL THE NUMBER ON THE SCREEN. My neighbor said it was actually a company wanting to sell me some protection software, but still in all did have access to my personal information!!!!!!!!!!!!

So while at the credit union we sat a long time while the nice woman, seen above, there tried to sort through the problem and change our account numbers, etc. etc. etc. and I drew her to calm my nerves. That actually helped.

Meanwhile, back at Barnes and Noble Café, the two women above are there every time we are!
They must be there daily or have a weekly Thursday regular meeting. They talk a lot and gesture and do things on their computers together.

Then on Valentine's day we went to the local coffee house and I drew the people there.

I had several days this week when we kept going back and I kept drawing more people doing their thing.

This was a big week for holidays. After Valentines Day was Presidents day and people were filling the coffee house to the hilt. I drew twenty-two people (22) in an hour and a half on this day!

Yes, still Presidents Day People:

I did this one yesterday! Not Presidents Day, fewer people but still pretty full. I loved this womans' sweatshirt message and her sparkly jeans!

I have drawn the woman on the right of these three (below) numerous times. She sat in a different spot today!

I am still traveling the world Virtually Speaking drawing in Every Day in February:

These ladies were seen walking down the dirt road in Indonesia!

This fellow is marching in a parade in Italy.

And this fellow is in Jordon. I love drawing people (as you know) and love the different styles of clothing that differ in each country.

In Lichtenstein I didn't fine people, but did find a wonderful castle to draw. I love castles!

These lovely women were in Kenya. You must wonder about my jet lag as we hop from country to country not in a very easy or straight forward geographical easy route!

I loved finding this wonderful statue in Nepal.
I am learning a lot of history and current information about countries I knew
 little about.

This lovely woman was in Mexico, a place I actually have travelled to when I was nineteen and on my own. I spent three weeks there on $5 a day! I had a blast!!! What an adventure that was.

And another place I knew nothing about was Oman. I learned they are building a huge Medical City with all kinds of hospitals and doctors and teaching schools, etc. Expected to be finished around 2020.

And lastly I bid you adieu, with a new watercolor selfie I did for a klass in Sketchbook Skool.
I'm still having fun there with many new teachers, and styles and techniques for creating art.

I hope you are having a creative week. I thank you for stopping by, as your visits and comments keep me inspired to draw! Now I must see which country I am visiting next and who I shall find to draw there!

See you next week.


  1. Glad you sorted out your computer Lynn. What a worry that was for you.
    Still, after all that, it is lovely seeing your art.

  2. wow glad you got your PC back in order. Love your art. Lots to see tonight.

  3. You are great observer and drawer.
    Interesting drawings full of life.
    Happy PPF xx

  4. Such a great collect of sketches. Happy PPF

  5. I really like the set in the middle from Presidents day... that was a great set of sketches in an amazing group if work...xx

  6. I love your travel sketches! So well done with all the different clothing! Happy PPF!

  7. That's awful about your computer - it's scary to think how easy it is for people to access all your personal details. I'm glad you got it sorted out and used the trip to the Credit Union as an excuse to sketch! So many people going about their business!

    1. Thanks for your kind words of understanding. And glad you liked what I drew too.

  8. While these are all great I adore your Valentines sketches the most. They are so true. Sad but true. Thanks for sharing these

  9. Wow glad you clued into that fiasco before it got out of scary is that!! I've heard there are viruses where they commandeer your computer for ransom...that's even worse!! Glad you were on the ball!! Great sketches all around the your commentary as always... "Alone together"...too many couples these days!! Love the credit union lady and her green blouse!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Thanks S! Yes be careful computing!
      Thanks for your compliments they mean a lot!

  10. Love all your sketches!! WOWZA!! SO many posts - that is awesome :)

  11. You always make me smile, Lynn. I am glad you warned us about the "tech" who might steal our identities! I got a kick out of the Valentine day couple and the man said "It's never enough!!"
    Where do you find your pictures for your world travels sketches. i love all of those, too.

    1. Thanks Gloria! I look for Free Domain photos on Google!

  12. I love how you capture moments..
    Happy PPF
    Vicki-Ann :)


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