Thursday, February 25, 2016

A New Week, Assignments From Sketchbook Skool, and My Weekly Meandering Drawings Through Life!

I begin by sharing some assignments done this week from Sketchbook Skool Klass with Penny Dullaghan. We made stamps, something I had done before, but a long time ago. There is something soothing about digging a sharp tool into a brick of Staedtler Mastercarve Artist Carving Block. It really does "cut like butter" as is advertised.

First a series of Selfies and then some flowers! I dug out an old Pinwheel, colorful stamp pad to use.

Then we were to make a stencil, which I did, again a "Selfie" and stamped it onto another page! It was fun cutting it out with an ex-acto knife.

Meanwhile back at my "ranch" of drawing where ever I happen to be, this time at the coffee house:

... and here at the grocery store deli for lunch. They had an Easter display of plastic eggs to buy
and I didn't realize until after I got home how egg shaped that guys head actually was too!
Then back at the coffee house on a different day ... These folks were alone, until
they were joined by a couple including this "daughter" or so I decided ...
a son in law and grand daughter, not in my picture(s). I suppose she could be a daughter in law and he  a son. Next time maybe I should ask.


These two women got drawn quickly, first from my high stool looking down and then I moved to a table at their level and saw them from a different perspective. Therefore, the fronts and profiles!

The next day we were back and I found everyone on telephones. Neither of these people were together, but both were very busy conducting business  with others on their phones and with laptops on laps and hands flying!

This woman has been drawn by me many times now. She I believe is a nursing student, I peeked at her book that day on my way to the restroom to fill my water brush with water.
The guy was just another guy with a phone and a lap top, busy on both!

 These two gals got the honor of being the last two I drew in this beautiful hand made herringbone bound art journal. One was having a "bad hair day" or so I decided!
I started the journal in December and it took two months and two weeks to draw 160 pages of drawings!

I assumed this was a mother and son enjoying coffee together both wearing knit hats.

Sometimes we get bored going to the same "watering hole" each time so on this day, we drove to Benicia, and had breakfast at the First Street Café. I wasn't crazy about this drawing, but I have a penchant for posting EVERYTHING I draw, so here it is warts and all. The sun was pouring in the window so everyone was really almost in silhouette. Hard to see. Afterwards we took a walk down the main street to the water. It was a beautiful sunny day and spring flowers were growing between the rocks by the waters edge.

And finally, today, Thursday, February 25, we went to Barnes & Noble Café, as we do most Thursdays for some reason.
When I got there, there was NO ONE to draw, so I just drew the furniture.

Then she arrived and I quickly got her on a page ...

These two women are there every Thursday we are! So they got drawn AGAIN! The guy was actually sitting on a higher stool behind them, and he looked awfully familiar as well.

And these three guys were sitting at two ends of the stools in the back, with the blond guy sitting directly across from me at a table at my eye level.
He was busy on two devices with plugs in his ears,
but I think he may have been a tiny bit suspicious.
He didn't stay long.
So that's it for my drawings for this week.
I hope you enjoyed your stay.
I wish you a creative week.
Sketchbook Skool is starting a new phase of their STRETCHING Klass. It has lots of really
good, interesting teachers. I recommend it. I enjoyed it.
You can get there via the icon on my side bar.

Thank you for your comments, they make my day, and they keep me inspired to draw more. See you next week!


  1. I am always amazed at how prolific you are each week. The stamps are great!!! Glad you enjoy making them.

  2. Love the print making this week. Happy PPF

  3. Ican see that you enjoy watching and drawing these people. It's fun to read what you think of them ;-)
    Happy PPF♥

    1. Thanks Sirkkis, I'm glad my joy comes through my art to you!

  4. wow-what a plethora of marvelous drawings! I love how yuo described them all too. Happy PPF!

    1. Thanks Linda, yes I do get on a roll and produce a lot each week! It gives me a lot of pleasure. I hope it's contagious, as I want everyone to have this joy in their lives!

  5. your posts take the longest time to go through... in a totally awesome way of course... love the stamps... i haven't had a chance to look at that lesson yet so I am excited about it now!... and love the sketch of the mother and son in their knit caps... beautiful feel in that one

    1. Thanks for visiting Tracey and staying the course! I appreciate your reactions!

  6. Very nice work Lynn. I always love your sketches/drawings. They all tell a story and I love the look of your blog. Nice job.

  7. Lovely stamps! Sounds like fun to make your own stamps!!! :D Lovely sketches and I love reading each and every single one of them. It's like a portal to another world, another persons life and it is wonderful! really lovely!

    1. Makes me happy to hear how much you enjoy following my life through my art journal! It now makes me look forward even more to go out again today to draw more! It's nice knowing I can draw not only for myself but also for an audience!

  8. Oh I have always wanted to try and make my own stamps! So neat--very creative. Your around town drawings are so great--getting to know the world around through art. xo

    1. Dea, yes making stamps is fun and easy! I hope you'll give it a try! Glad you enjoy my around town drawings! Come again!

  9. Sorry I'm late...I tried to get here on my tablet three times on the weekend to no avail...Not sure if there was a glitch or what...didn't have that with other blogs. Anyway I am here now to enjoy those fun stamps. I did some erasers because Cupcake bought a block of that other stuff at 35 dollars a pop...I made her take it back... Erasers were big enough and two bucks at most! Funny how some coffee shops are more conducive to sketching variety than others!! Do you find the creative energy different from one venue to the next? Is it your personal comfort level that makes a difference? Do the different layouts affect your creativity? Just curious!! Wonderful jaunt through your world as always!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. So many questions. Just so you know I found the big block for carving at a thrift store for a dollar! It was brand new, never opened. Lucky find. I've done erasers too.
    Regarding drawing in public:
    I think a lot depends on MY energy level and joy factor. If I saw too much Trump news/sorry if anyone here is a fan/I'm not for the day or day before I could be in a slump and make everyone I draw look depressed. If I'm on a happy jag then my folks might be more colorful and upbeat or my cartoons more funny. Most coffee houses are similar. I try to look around and get people from all over the room and alcoves to give a different perspective or sit in a different spot for the same reason. And yes, some days I am just more comfortable physically at a certain place or not and that has an effect too I am sure. And at other times who knows, I depend a lot at what I SEE for how it comes out on the page! Hope that answers you questions.

    Thanks for persevering and making your way here each week. I do love your visits.

  11. Oh what fun your stamps are. I started making stamps and stencils these last two weeks. I must post them on my blog soon. Your dedication to sketching inspires me. Thanks. Love the stories that go along with the sketch too. I feel like I was a fly on the wall.

    1. Thanks Irene, I am glad you enjoy your visits here! Would love to see your stamps!


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