Thursday, March 10, 2016

22 Pieces of Art Drawn Since Last Thursday by Lynn

Welcome to my blog, if this is your first visit or if you are someone who comes here often! I appreciate your visits! And welcome to my week of drawing around town.

That guy up there and the people and gal down below these words were at the Coffee House near by where we live. The guy sat for quite a while allowing me to capture him on his two phones. Then when I was finished so was he and he got up and left.

This young woman was busy at "the wall" doing her work. The couple sat across from me in the big orange chairs. But I had to put a bit of mischief into the drawing.

And perhaps you recognize her by now. She is a student who comes here every day we do, which can be three or more times a week. She brings her books and laptop and talks on her phone. It's a pleasure watching her absorbing so much information.

Last Thursday we were at Barnes and Noble Cafe and I found the "Cook Book Lady" there again, but this time I didn't see any books. She was doing something else!

The blond gal was reading a graphic novel and I swear she read the whole thing before she got up to leave!

The folks below were busy at the tables on the high stools.


 Now we are now seeing drawings I did for EVERY DAY IN MARCH!
The Prompts are under each picture.

 "Favorite Kitchen Appliance"


Meanwhile back at the Coffee House! People everywhere doing all sorts of things.

Sometimes I like just drawing in ink and leaving it alone ... no color.

They come and go and stay for various lengths of time. It's hit or miss who you will be able to finish drawing!

This grandmother and grandchild were at the grocery store deli having lunch when we were! So they of course got into my art journal.

"On TV"

Another prompt for Every Day in March: ... "On TV". We watch a lot of news shows and this guy is in the news on most channels more than I need to see; however, he was good for this drawing if not for much else (in my humble opinion). Sorry, if you are a great fan. I just drew what was happening and being said while watching TV that evening. We are all entitled to our opinions, but I am not opening this up for a political conversation on my blog. Just sharing art.

Back at the Coffee House on a rainy day. The picture tells the story.

These women were either busy on laptops or busy chatting with each other or both.


My husband accompanies me on most of my drawing jaunts. He reads. I draw. This time I drew him reading.

I've  drawn this woman several times as well. She has a lot of hair.

... and that guy doesn't have any.


I did this there too, but it also worked for a prompt of "Perspective" for Every Day in March. The way I had to draw him on the corner turn in the wall; and the different perspectives of thinking.


"In the style of ... "
I chose a huge poster book I have by Fred Babb, an artist I discovered when I found this book of his drawings..
It's wild and colorful and his lettering is great too.
Unfortunately he has died.
Fortunately his wife put together this big book of some of his art works.
I changed it up a bit so it's mine, but 'like his'!

I hope you enjoyed your journey through all these pictures! I sure had fun making them all.
See you next week?

I wish you a CREATIVE WEEK!
Thanks for your comments
as they do keep me


  1. Another busy week for you with all these drawings Lynn. Love them.

  2. 0h what an enjoyable jaunt through Lynn Land... LOVED it...the humour, the colour, the commentary, the variety, the love of art and life in each and every stroke! Thank you for being so authentically terrific! A phenomenal woman full of depth, wisdom and joy! Glad to know you! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT ALL!!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. And what a delightful visitor you are to come and say so many wonderful things about art and artist. Blushing here! But floating too, happily. Thanks Giggles!
      Your words inspire me to keep going out there and drawing my heart out!

  3. Wow, you really inspired me to make more an effort to get out and draw more! I love seeing snippets of your day and week!

  4. wonderful work as always you are the ultimate people watcher!

  5. Your lines are so fluent and expressive, just great!

  6. I love how you drew your hubby. Awesome as usual I thoroughly enjoy dropping in to see what happened in your week.
    Happy PPF 6th birthday celebration..
    Vicki-Ann :)

    1. Thanks Sandy. He's fun to draw from every angle.

  7. Your art always makes me happy. :) Erika

    1. And that makes ME happy, Erika!!! Thank you so much.

  8. You must sketch fast to get so many drawings done while the people are still there. I always love seeing who you've done during the week.

    1. Thanks Faye, yes, they don't call me "Flash" for nothing! (in Sketchbook Skool)

  9. Another enjoyable read and see time for me! It's so fun to see people drawn and your make believe talking through them! The talking part is probably pretty close to reality! Have a happy weekend....until next week!

    1. Thanks, glad you enjoy the voices I give to my people!

  10. I enjoy all your drawings! I would love to go to the coffee shop with you. I got some great giggles from a few too! Have a great week. Hugs!

    1. Would love to have your company on a sketch date! Glad I made you laugh! Thanks.

  11. Another week of wonderful art. Have a very nice weekend.

  12. Wow!! You have been busy! I kept thinking I had scrolled to far to the previous posts, but this was all from this last week. Amazing!! And so much fun! xoxo Silke

  13. It is always fun to see your sketches of your characters from the week! Keep them coming!

  14. WOW! You did all these in a week? So many and so wonderful. I especially love the sketches around town. Congratulation on winning a PPF necklace by the way.

    1. Yes! And thanks! Thanks fir scrolling down too! Come again!

  15. I adore your coffee shop picture adventures! :D


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