Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Lynn Drawn by Many and Art Lynn has Drawn This Past Week

It all started when I took this photo of myself after buying myself a new hat in Oregon!
 We had just arrived in Springfield on our way to Portland for a short, but very sweet visit with family there! 

       I posted the photo, drew it myself, then challenged Sketchbook Skool Klassmates to draw it too! A bunch of them did! 

I apologize to a few of the artists, who drew me, for not connecting names to drawings as they came through Facebook! Now some have gotten lost from me, but aren't they all great? I thank you one and all! 

Selfie by me

This one with bird on top was done by a recent Sketchbook Skool teacher,
 Nelleke "red cheeks" Verhoeff!

I hope my friends will chime in here and match names to drawings to give them each credit.

 But they are all so ME! Don't you agree?

Cathy Tenzo drew me in her cartoon style!

Brenda Leonard did great in ink and color!

Sara Parkin did a fantastic job on hers. I told her I could "feel myself inside that body"! Thanks Sara, and thanks too for becoming a new follower on my blog! I hope to see you here a lot. ;-)

C. Hamilton did a great job on this one!

Klassmate Stuart Goss did this lovely shaded rendition

Sharon Lombard softened my look here


and last but not least, artist Iva Sikirica llic beautified me in brown pen
Again, thank you all who took up the challenge and drew me from my photo!
And now we are busy with Every Day in May, I am keeping up the best I can and have done days 2-13 here ... Then we went on a short vacation for a week ... so I am behind again.
Day 2 is What's for breakfast; Day 3 is Outside your window and I drew this on our drive up to Oregon; Day 4 is "Best Gift Every"; Day 5 is "A walk in the Park; Day 6 is "Unlikely duo" (me and my honey); Day 7: "Favorite medium".

Days 8-13: Day 8 "Mother's Day"; Day 9 Whimsical, Day 10 "Picasso Yourself", Day 11 "Upside Down"; Day 12, "My mess", Day 13 "Jungle".
Then we were in Oregon. On the way up we stopped in Springfield to spend the night and had dinner at Café Yumm! I drew these women thorough the window. They were sitting outside.
The next day we were in Portland and had a stop at Starbucks there before hitting my favorite Art Supply store! The Muse where I stocked up on BIG Pitt Pen brush markers! And a few pens and three new art journals.
This couple was so sweet.
We chopped up our time with family when they weren't working; and doing our own thing.
I love this restaurant which is vegan. They make the best chili bowl with brown rice and kale.
Absolutely delicious.
Of course I enjoy playing with my grand daughter, who is 4 and "three quarters" she informed me.
She is very bright and likes to draw.
I also drew on my own. This is for Sketchy, the online portrait site.
I drew my friend Cathy T. again in drag.
We spent a morning at Barnes & Noble Café in Clackamas, Oregon as we got a flat tire the evening before and had to get it fixed. I found a huge book of Art by William Steig. I love his drawings and cartoons. The book was originally $40. The sale table had it for $2 and we paid $1.80 with our members discount tacked on to that! Such a deal.
I did some copying of Steig's art but it's easy to see where it ran into just being my style after all.
They called us from the tire store and we went to wait with these folks also waiting for their tires to be repaired. When it was all over there was no charge for repairing out tire. I asked why.
They guy said it was because I was an awesome person.
I think it was because we got the tire from that same company in California and it was still in warranty and they found all that on their computer.
Aren't computers wonderful?

A different day and we are back at Harlow's and I had the same thing again, but this time added a fruit drink called North Star: Carrot, Apple and Orange juice. Very tasty.

And then we were at ,Starbucks again. Always a good place to draw. Tops and bottoms!
And finally on our way home. Not bad traffic, but that was all there was to draw ...
Until I decided to draw another klassmate, Kate S. I gave her very red cheeks. She said it was okay.
It was a good trip. We also had a little sweet time with our two oldest grand children.
Mikiah will be 26 soon and Kaeli is in her last few semesters of Nursing School/college.
We are so proud of them.
Our kids are turning an addition to their home into an
So if you need a clean, self contained with kitchen, bath, own door, cute, place to stay in a lovely neighborhood in Portland,
walking distance to a gorgeous huge park,
close to stores and shops,
let me know!
I'll get you the number to call.
If you live in Portland this can be a great place
for your guests to stay!
Thanks for coming by.
I appreciate your visits and your comments.
They really do keep me drawing!


  1. Ya know, I just love seeing your delightful sketches!!!!

    1. Thanks Peggy! And I love your visits and comments! Have a creative week!

  2. wow, thats amazing,, the portraits of you are s beautiful and the work you did all week, well yu know you always blow my mind with the amount of sketching and painting you do,, its amazing and beautiful,

    1. Thanks Laurie, I always appreciate your visits here- and I love your art too!

  3. FABULOUS...the photo and all the renditions from various terrific..I LOVE IT!! The rest is wonderful too!! But I loved those of fun!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Thanks G! I'm stoked by them too! So many variations on a theme of me! 😊

  4. You packed an enormous amount into one week! Love the photo and the sketches your friends made from it, fantastic work, I love to see the 'same' made different each time. It's always interesting to see how others see us, too. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  5. You are GREAT in the photo and in all the paintings by your friends.
    Thanks for your fab weekly sketches ❤❤

  6. I love all the comparisons of you in your hat! It is so interesting to see everyone's style and what they captured. Plus I once again enjoyed your drawings because I am always transported to where you happen to sketch them. Love armchair traveling. Hugs-Erika

  7. what a wonderful challenge, love all these portraits, you are nice looking Lynn. Good luck to the kids with the Air BnB!

  8. Your candid sketches are always wonderful, Lynn, and I enjoy seeing just which people you have chosen to sketch. You are one brave girl to allow all those people to sketch you. I think they did a fantastic job although most missed the inner beauty that shines from the photograph. I did love the shaded rendition by Stuart Goss a whole lot.

  9. Wow, those portraits are so much fun! What a great project to do with art friends. Love all of your wonderful sketches as well :)

  10. Lynn ~ just love your art style and each creation is a delight ~ Love the portraits of you that others did too ~

    Happy Weekend to you ^_^

  11. Oh my gosh-.-- this project is super and all the portraits - wow!!!
    Fabulous sketches from you as well!
    Happy PPF!!!

  12. Wow these are all wonderful. What a fun project.

  13. Wow Lynn! What a great post! All the drawings are great! I liked how your klassmates drew you. That was a great idea. Then the rest of your drawings were wonderful. It is nice to see what you were up to through your drawings. I guess it is like following you around and watching the fun. Happy PPF. Hugs, Rasz

  14. The portraits are great! Though they do great justice, but still cannot match the original with her beautiful and sunny smile! As always, I am in awe of your prolificity. Amazing sketches.

  15. Lynn, I love seeing all those portraits of you. Maybe one day I will jump in and give it a try. I love seeing your art.


  16. Lynn, great job on the sketches from this week and last week. I see you are doing more faces which is fun. How great that those of you in Sketchbook Skool are sharing your photos so you can draw each other. Glad you were able to visit a bit with family. There is nothing like it.

  17. You are in Oregon! LOL I'm near Salem. Oh, it would have been so fun to walk into a local coffee shop and find you there. I adore your sketches...and your new hat!

    1. We are home again, we stopped in Salem for gas on our way to Portland! Sometimes we get Mexican food for lunch there but not this time! Glad you like my art and my hat!


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