Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sketchy, Sketchbook Skool And My Life (or is that my life?)

Our teacher Vin had us drawing from Sketcky App and my klassmate Cathy T. had a wonderful photo of herself in costume I enjoyed drawing!

And Vin had us drawing from life to focus on faces! 

I love capturing people in action even if that action happens while sitting still.

It's always exciting to create conversations for the people I draw!

I've never been as involved in politics as I am this campaign! There's so much invested emotion around these candidates. 

People in line at the coffee house are such easy targets for my art journal! It helps that I draw them quickly!

New teacher this week is Nelleke from Amsterdam. She is so much fun energy! Continuing our focus on faces, but with room for lots of whimsy ! 

A slight detour with a visit to family on Mother's Day. I've really cartooned my grand daughter and her young friend at brothers soccer game!

And again with my daughter, who does NOT have a witches nose, but fairly real of grand daughter under sun umbrella! 

Then on to creating pages of expressions! 

And combining collage to drawings or vice versa!

Another klassmate offered us photos of herself for drawing expression!

And more collage, this time with a message! 

Lots of ways to make faces!

And finally back to drawing from life. But getting cartoon-graphic novel-ish.

And then there are days when even I need a break from it all! So I take a day off. 

That's all folks, for this week! I am wishing you a very creative week! Thanks for coming by and remember you are my inspiration and encouragement that keeps me drawing!


  1. amazing work,,,
    I cannot for the life of me picture you without a pen in hand,lol,,

  2. I love all the drawings with everyone's conversations. You must be able to sketch quickly if you are catching people
    In line. Do your subjects ever see themselves being drawn?

    1. I've yet to be called out in any way on my drawing! I'm sure once in a while people become aware, but no negativity has come from it! On a few occasions others have come over to look but mostly not!

  3. I like that you capture so much detail and a sense of place with your work. they are uniquely you, and stylistically similar yet so individual...xx

    1. Thanks Tracey, I appreciate your feedback!

  4. Looks like you had one big, fun week- great journaling and sketching again. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  5. This is a double comment because somehow I never made it back to PPF last week and you left such a nice comment on my blog. Thanks! :) But I love stopping by and seeing your sketches. I always feel right in the middle of the action, and they make me smile. Have a wonderful weekend. Happy PPf! Erika

  6. I can feel your passion for sketching and it shows beautifully in all your many pieces!

  7. I Think Cathy T is one of my favourites of yours, you captured her stance and everything so wonderfully! Beardos sister has a very similar body type! All wonderful pieces. Sorry about not seeing Bernie when he was so close!! He needs more airtime too... When I went on my rant it wasn't about guys like him...just so you know!!I have noticed on my daughters facebook that many young Canadians post about Bernie quite often! Glad to see you politically fired up!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Your lessons with Vin are awesome. I always love your very real sketches.

  9. What amazing creativity ‼
    Happy weekend ♥

  10. I love your wonderful sketches!

  11. Always love to see your art creations ~ they are so delightful and expressive!

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  12. Your sketches are wonderfully inspiring. I especially like your pages of faces! Have a lovely week.
    ~~ Irene

  13. I love Cathy T. I definitely want to grow up to be just like her. Love the color added to your sketches. Your story is so fun and your work so exciting. Blessings, Janet PPF


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