Thursday, June 16, 2016

Art Heals the Soul

I am deeply saddened by the most recent tragedy in Orlando, Florida! My heart goes out to all the families and friends of the victims who died and the survivors!
I kept drawing this week to keep my sanity over the craziness in our world! Hoping our government does the right thing regarding gun laws to help prevent this kind of gun violence on going! 


Welcome to My Art Journal! I'm really enjoying drawing in the old ledger I found in a thrift store for 99 cents! The pages are surprisingly strong enough to hold marker and watercolors well! 

These models are from the Sktchy App! A fun new crowd for me to be sharing art with! 

The guy with green hair is the same guy I did last week with bright red hair! Different pose.

I drew her upside down, an interesting exercise to say the least.

Kate's a friend/Klassmate  from Sketchbook Skool! I drew her before at least a year or more ago!

I'm repeating the very first klass in Sketchbook Skool called "Beginnings"! It's fun to compare my today's art to what I did there two years ago! 

Documenting my week in my art journal is part of my homework for Danny Gregory's klass! The first of six teachers, six klasses, six weeks! 

On Saturday we went to San Francisco to the Free Folk Festival! I have never felt freer drawing comfortably in front of others than I did there  as they were singing  and listening to the performers! 

We started with lunch at our fav deli! The bread is so fresh and so are the veggies! 

The music was grand and people fun to draw too!

We've been going to these since the 1970's, so we know some of the people from way back then!

We've all gotten older and grayer, but voices are as rich as ever!

And then the next day I was back at Starbucks drawing there!

The staff poses unbeknownst to them while on their breaks! 

And this, as noted finished yet one more art journal! Done in 38 days, 160 pages! 

In a new book I continue my SBS homework! 

I love the bold colors of my big fat markers! 

And adding stencils is fun, ideas from previous lessons! Curious, did anyone take me up on my enthusiastic suggestions and join Sketchbook Skool? 

Wishing you a creative week! Thanks  for stopping by! Your comments keep me drawing! 

Happy Paint Party Friday! 


  1. All of these are fabulous. So interesting and inviting too.

  2. Lovely work Lynn you are such a people lover!

  3. So many touching moments of ordinary life. You are really talanted to notice and show the reasons of people.

  4. Seeing the people you have featured each week is one of the highlights of my Fridays, Lynn. I especially like the close-up portraits this week. As for this mad world, it has been tearful for a lot of us. I keep thinking of the parents of all those young people killed.

  5. Boy you always do such fun and detailed sketches and you inspire me!!!!!!!!

  6. Fabulous Lynn. I love the sketchy work and the one with your sandals is superb.

  7. usual! Sketching people is something I've not taken on, yet. I'll be checking back with you as I attempt doing them. Your models have caught the human essence so well! Fun to see what you do!!

  8. Love seeing your sketches every week. This week is no exception. :) Erika

  9. Love your journal entries and people illustrations. :) So much energy in them.

  10. I love your work so much. Are you a member of the Julia Kay Portrait Party on Flickr? You definitely should be.


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