Thursday, June 23, 2016

I I Draw Everyday. It's Good for my Soul!

Happy "Paint Party Friday"! I'm very appreciative of being a part of this group (blog), as it gives my art an audience of wonderful artists, who share their art each week and who come to my "Art Journal" blog to see what I've drawn! It's so encouraging to receive feedback for what I've accomplished each week and it truly inspires me to keep drawing! I thank you all for your inspiration and encouragement! That goes for all you others, who find your way here via other avenues as well of course! (Sketchbook Skool, Facebook, Subcribers, by chance, etc)

I also am grateful to the artists at Sktchy! It is there we draw portraits of each other! 

Sometimes I see a photo of an artist friend on Facebook and ask permission to draw them, as I did this week! Jackie Beeman is a fabulous portrait artist, who posts her art on Sktchy and Sketchbook Skool (Facebook). I enjoyed adding her her to my ledger of portraits here:

You should check out Jackie Beeman's wonderful art on Instagram and Facebook.

Here's an example of Jackie Beeman's art when she drew me in 2014! Thank you Jackie for allowing me to share it here.

I continue to draw many days of the week at Starbucks, as the models await me there, mostly unawares that I am drawing them!
She sat directly across from me! But was so busy on her phone the whole time I doubt she had a clue I was drawing her!

Again this week I had a young admirer, who stopped to tell me she liked my drawing and that she liked to draw too! I hope she never stops drawing!

I created a few pages for my eldest grandson's 26th birthday this week! He's very interested in family history and travel, so I dug out an old collection of letters I wrote home when I traveled to Europe and Israel in my early 20's, (1961) and put them in a binder for him to read ... all sixty of them! Then I made this cover collage for it!

                      I hope he likes it!

Here's another day at Starbucks! A guy close up and a pair playing chess!

On Saturday we went to the Pirates Festival in Vallejo, Ca, the town I was born and grew up in! So many people were in costume I wish I could have drawn them all! 

Starbucks again! Two guys and a motorcycle helmet and jacket!

On Sunday the kids called their dad for Father's Day!  I love when I can See and Talk to them and my grand daughter on my iPad! 
Allie Bel, who will be 5 in August, was drawing at her house in Oregon, so I drew her at my house in California, as we talked and shared our art with each other! Isn't technology wonderful? 

I've been enjoying playing with some stencil sheets and added these to some blank pages in my art journal!

It's a very meditative process filling in the circles with my Big Brush Pitt markers! 

And then on another day to draw on top of them makes for an interesting drawing don't you agree?
She was at Starbucks reading something on a piece of paper!

(The brown spots were marker-bleed-through from the previous page! Another way to save a page you might have thought was ruined)

I'm always appreciative and surprised that I can still see far across the room from where I am sitting to capture so much detail in a drawing as I did here! 

These women too (below) were sitting across the room on the far wall! 

This is at a different Starbucks and they were three tables away from me! I've drawn them all before!

This guy behind the sign was only a table away, but so focused on his laptop he never noticed me drawing him! The two women were further away and they didn't see me drawing them either!
It's really easy now to draw people in public! I guess I've been doing it for about five years! 

I'll leave you with one more Sktchy Portrait! I loved her expression! This was so fun to draw! 

Thanks for stopping by to see what I drew this past week! I hope you'll come again! See you next week around this time!

Have a Creative Week Yourselves! 


  1. Wonderful sketches, you had a fab week. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. Lovely work Lynn, Jackie is very talented, nice portrait she did of you.

  3. Adore your journal for your grand son, what a treasure!!!

  4. Plenty of sketches here! Love them!
    And those portraits are gorgeous! <3

  5. I always love your sketches Lynn but I have to say, the page you made for your grandson are really fantastic. I hope he loves them. What a great way to share some family history with him. :) Eriika

  6. Fabulous sketches. I'm always surprised when you mention that no one notices your sketching them. I know your son will LOVE his gift!! TFS

  7. Such wonderful fun art this week, Lynn. I think my fave is the last one with the quirky expression. You really pulled that off well. I also like Davis 5 and Allie a lot. Your portrait that you sketched at the top of the post seems wonderful to me. Soon you will be a teacher as well as Jackie Beeman. Looks like you are just about there.

  8. Lovely post and words Lynn. You inspire me to try to draw everyday. I really need to prioritise my artwork. At the moment it seems to take a back seat.
    A fantastic snapshot of everyday life, such a brilliant special journal for your grandson and I enjoy seeing Jackie's work regularly. How special to have your portrait done.
    Thanks for sharing and Happy PPF to you

  9. Wow, such a creative post Lynn, it's so inspiring!

    Love and hugs

  10. Lynn great meaty post! Love the portraits you and Jackie did! Also that gift for your grandson sound so suitable! He will keep them safe..sounds like the perfect person to have them! Love that last fun portrait too!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. fabulous evocative sketches as always, but i am so taken with the gift of the letters... it will be treasured

    1. He was so appreciative! What a gift to ME THAT WAS!

  12. So many interesting sketches! I had a great time looking at each one. Jackie did a nice portrait of you. And the last sketch you did is a hoot. I wonder what made her scrunch up her face that way. You do one of Donald Trump. He looks like that all the time. I have not seen a single photo (or the media has not published) where he is smiling!

  13. Hi Lynn! What a great gift to give your grandson. I am sure he will treasure it and pass it down to his kids and grandchildren. All of your sketches are wonderful as always. I enjoy the Starbucks people. How funny someone could be that wrapped up on a cell phone not to see you sketching her. Do you ever have to ask permission? Great post and have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Rasz

  14. What an unbelievable collection of wonderful sketches...with so many from folk at Starbucks. If you just look around you, there are all kinds of fascinating people to sketch. I adore the pages you put together for your grandson. That is going to be such a treasure for him. You are a special grandmother to do that for him. I think of all the sketches, the one of the woman in the blue blouse talking on her phone at Starbucks is my favorite, tho that last one is a doozy. She and DJTrump should get along well with their scrunched up faces. It is so much easier to smile that to put on those uninviting faces. This is one fabulous post. genie

  15. I had a few week's worth of your sketches to catch up on. Love the portraits!!! Your idea for the book for your grandson is so great...a bit of history and a unique way to share it. Have a great week...hope to visit next week.

  16. I love the drawings of people around about you!! Awesome.


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