Thursday, June 30, 2016

My Birthday Week

My week began at Barnes and Noble Cafe where the younger man stood each time the older man rose up! Such respect is not always so visible!

I continue drawing portraits
 in Sketchy! This was a fun face mask to color!  

And her eyes and head scarf were fun to draw too! 

I loved these two young women at Starbucks! Got a kick out of her "Family Matters" T-Shirt and beer ad on her shorts! 

Long lines for coffee are not uncommon! 
Making for great drawing ops!

This is featured art by my 11 year old grand daughter, Yael! She was at art camp for a week and was assigned  to learn about and draw a family member who came to the US from another country! She called me for information! I sent her a photo and info about her great-great grandmother, Golda Cohen, who came from the Ukraine in the late 1800's. 

Yael drew from this photo (the boys in the photo are my father and uncle) my dad was the youngest of Golda's 9 children! 

Then she traced the drawing and transferred it to canvas! Did the drip paint for background first, then painted Goldie! 
And then she hand sewed the doll and clothes for her, and made her a bed, hand sewn quilt and pillow and a few extra clothes as well! 
I'm so proud of this young artist! 

We gathered this week to celebrate my 75th birthday! Feels monumental to me!
My aunt Mimi used to say "It's just a number" and it is! I still feel very young inside! And my body is holding up well too! 
It was quite wonderful to have my family around me ( One of my two kids and 3 of my 5 grandkids, cousins and my brother and husband); and my daughter and her husband prepared a most delicious meal! 
It was a grand day!

Three generations! Yael, me, and Adena, my daughter! 

 My eldest grandson, just turned 26, was there too! He is a warm, loving being! 

Yael painted the cover of this art journal for me! So sweet and of course perfect choice of gift! 

I love that she thinks I'll live forever! I'll try my hardest, Yaeli! 

And then back to drawing, first them in that new art journal, and then folks at Starbucks!

And more Sketchy portraits! Started at lunch time ...

... completed after dinner. Second time I've drawn Josh!

And Savannah, who asked me to draw her because she liked my style! Happy to oblige with a compliment like that! 

It's been a fantastic week! We are also busy having our yards renovated by landscapers.
Maybe I'll do some drawings outdoors if the heat allows. We are up to 102 degree F.

I hope you have a creative week as well! Thanks for coming by and being my inspiration to draw more! See you next week!! 


  1. Well, Happy Birthday, Lynn. You sure don't look 75! Like you, I feel much younger inside than my chronological age. I love the portraits, especially the one in the head scarf. And the 11 year old is certainly an artist already. The picture she did of her gggrandma is fabulous.

    1. Thank you Faye, for your warm wishes! I agree Yael is quite the artist already! I'm excited to see where she goes with it!
      Glad you enjoy my art as well! Thanks!

  2. Happy Birthday and if you hadn't told me I would have guessed you were quite a bit younger! I think your granddaughter is following in your arty ways.

    1. Thanks for the compliment Emie! Yes, I've been making art with Yael since she could first hold a crayon! I think she'll go far!

  3. Happy 75th! You are looking good and completely exhaust me with the prodigious amount of art you produce each week. With such vitality and intensity of interests, I am sure your grand daughter is right, you will live forever ( in her heart I am certain). Happy PPF and keep up your good work!

    1. Thank you Susan! My apologies for exhausting you with all my art ventures! 😊 Life is good!

  4. Happy Birthday to you ~ looks like a very loving one and I always like your wonderful style of art where you capture the essence of the people!

    Wishing you a Happy 4th weekend ~ ^_^

    1. Thanks so much Carol! Happy safe 4th to you too!

  5. Love your spirited portraits, especially the girl with the head scarf. You are a great looking 75, congratulations.

  6. HAPPY Happy belated Birthday Lynn!! You are gorgeous from the inside out and it shows! You defy age that is for sure! Love the family photos!! Also Yaels work is fabulous...the little acorn doesn't fall far from the tree!! I love The girl in the scarf...amazing fun!!And the last guy love him too! All wonderful work. As I was writing this I put up your picture of the three generations only. Then I asked Cupcake to tell me honestly how old she thought you were. There was nothing visible of your true age and she blunt and honest as she is said FIFTY!! She thought you were fifty...she was hesitant to say fifty even worried you might be younger. Happy Birthday again!! She is a very accurate honest girl!! Told you.... I told her you changed your eating and she was not one bit surprised!! You go girl...cheers to another fifty years!! Happy 4th to you Lynn...celebrate the beauty that is you!!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Thanks Giggles for all the kudos on my art, Yaels art and oh my, thanks to Cupcake for her fun guess at my age! That would make me two years younger than my eldest child and only 3 years older than my youngest! I am humbly flattered! I appreciate your good wishes for my birthday! I even ate cake (vegan) and chocolate and GOOD) !!!
      Wishing you a creative week ahead!

  7. Happy Birthday! SO glad you had a good day. Love your abundant sketches!

  8. What a beautiful birthday girl you are - Happy Birthday!
    Age is numbers. I know people who are mid 30 but their attitude is like 100 and vice versa.
    You rock!


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