Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Week The Landscapers Came and Still I Drew

It's been a busy week what with landscapers digging in our yards front and back renovating, creating new beauty everywhere and getting some drawing time in too! 

A woman on break at Starbucks! 
What did we do before cell phones?

2nd time I've drawn this group of women and this little boy!

On Thursday  were at Barnes & Noble CafĂ©.


She wasn't feeling so well!

More folks enjoying the morning over coffee, snacks and conversation.


My friend Heidi Likar drew this from my photo too!

JoAn Hendricks was the first to draw me!

Becca Stevenson at Sktchy drew this cute one of me! 
Thanks all! 

I think you can tell I'm excited about our yard makeovers!

He's putting in potting soil for my vegetable garden! Everything is new back there!

I have a new work space too! 

Took a break to draw at Starbucks!

This was an indoor outdoor scene!

I drew myself from my photo!

One of my newest succulents.

How dirty my feet got from working in the garden myself!

Another guy at Starbucks who changed chairs!

These beautiful sunflowers are on our ride from home to next town over! 

Lunch in Davis, CA

2 guys at Starbucks

Animated lady and gent

Big group, fun getting them all 

I've discovered that the new paths in my back yard make a nice meditation walk around  all the new plantings! (Not seen yet in this photo)

A Sktchy portrait

The guys bringing in the boulders for the dry creek bed in front.

Another Sktchy portrait

And another

Now you can see more of the path and some plants! I'll be filling these areas in myself like an English garden over time!
Thanks for coming by. Come again next week to see the finished landscaping. Wishing you a creative week. I certainly appreciate your visits here and your comments as well, as they definitely keep me drawing!


  1. interesting work going on at your place, lovely sketches too!

  2. Fabulous post and so much great artwork and sketching!

  3. You've got a lot of opportunity on your hands...and feet...and probably gloves and trowel. looks exciting.

  4. How wonderful to have your garden landscaped and paths, awesome. loved all your drawings.
    Happy PPF
    Vicki-Ann :)

  5. It will be exciting to see you draw the plants in your gardens soon! I hope you're planning a bench for you to sit and sketch from.

    1. I sat on a boulder this week to draw! And in chairs in backyard!

  6. Wow. Nice garden layout. Can't wait to see all the new plants once they go on. Fun sketches too. I love seeing them.

  7. Wow, how exciting!!! I love that you already have pieces waiting to go into the garden!! Can't wait to see!!!
    Always love your sketches!!!

    1. Thanks Peggy! Lots of new progress daily in the garden!

  8. Brilliant artwork as always. You really are prolific.
    As to your new garden... now you're talking Lynn. I spend so many hours in my garden, but the rewards are plentiful. My hands very often look like your feet. I tend to keep my feet covered as it can be rather chilly here for bare feet. Good luck with all that hard work... but it will be worth it. I can't wait to see it when it's completed.
    Happy PPF to you

    1. Definitely loving watching my new seedlings and plants grow! Drawing some of them too!

  9. Fabulous post jam packed with everything. Love all the versions of you. You should make another page with all the people who've drawn you just like Tommy Kane, put it on your side bar!!! I love those ones! Show such diverse styles!! Love your yard....big and beautiful...what a lot of work!! Great paintings..

    Hugs Giggles

  10. Great week of sketching. You should have sketched the landscapers at work too. :)

    1. I did! Will show that next week so stay tuned!

  11. What time do you wake up in the morning? You're sketching, working in your productive! = keeps you young! :)
    Have a great week!

    1. I wake between 6:30 and 7! I also wirk three days a week! So yes I do fit a lot into my days!

  12. Holy cow, so much people watching! Love the pink flower. Also the photos with horses and wow, those sunflowers!

  13. Thanks Cindy! Yes, I'm quite the people observer! Drawing them gives me much pleasure!


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