Thursday, August 18, 2016

To Blog or Not To Blog, That is the Question!

I'm wondering if blogging is still an important and effective way of getting my art seen or not! My behind the scenes accounting tells me 100 or more people SEE the majority of my blog posts, but the comments have become far fewer. 

I know I don't find the time to visit as many blogs as I once did. 

I also get immediate feedback in reaction to my drawings I post from several different art groups on Facebook. 

Since I draw in sketchbooks I have a continual log of all of my drawings! Do I really need an online journal too? 

These are questions I ask myself. 

Would you miss seeing my art here if I stopped blogging? 

Do you also see my art on Facebook? 

I'd appreciate hearing your answers to these questions and any other input you have to offer. Thanks.

In the meantime I'm taking Andrea Joseph's Creative Lettering klass in Sketchbook Skool! It's great fun! 
We are being encouraged to copy interesting lettering we find in books and outdoor signage.

And I continue to add it to my art journal drawings. 

Writing alternate upper and lower case letters looks interesting!
This from a book I'm reading about the Japanese internment during WWII.

This quote I copied from another Klassmates magazine she had posted! 
(Twirls, Lines, and filling in)

This is one I just went a little wild on!

Then adding new lettering techniques to new drawings!

Or not ...

More exercises!

And then more people done on location !

Back home my month old garden continues to flourish: this is my first cucumber and there are three more out there about ready to pick!

I have plenty of zucchini and more large cherry tomatoes, green bell peppers, and herbs!

And my transplant cutting from an old geranium plant bloomed today! I feel like a proud parent!

Thanks for coming by today! I appreciate your visits and your comments! They do inspire me to keep drawing! See you next week!
Happy Paint Party Friday.
Visit us at Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens too for other's art along with some of mine. You are invited to draw along with us there.


  1. Nice art, as always. I think the comments we give come back to us, if you don't bother, others won't either. I don't do FB. Happy PPF, Hugs, Valerie

  2. I seem to go more towards Instagram now and post something on there pretty much daily. I still like to blog though and love PPF and enjoy popping around to see what everyone has been up to in the week, so try to contribute. Your art is lovely and enjoy seeing your drawings.
    Happy PPF
    Vicki-Ann :)

  3. super work, I feel the same about blogging too, Instagram is so easy and I use facebook too!

  4. Love seeing your work here... I'm not a FB fan... Instagram might be an alternative???

  5. I do see your work and wouldn't see it on Facebook. For myself I really like having all my art in one place, not scattered around Facebook, especially if someone asks where they can see my work. Of course, these days I'm likely to have my sketchbook with me, but I use that as a journal also and don't always want to hand it over.

  6. I for one always check out your blog when I am a part of PPF. I have long been aware that the number of commenters does not equal the number of viewers. Sometimes when I have visited and commented on 50 or so blogs and end up with 18 or 20 comments (on a good day), I do feel cheated a little. I always comment even when the philosophy expressed on a blog is opposite from my thinking. I think there is always something positive one can say. This week I love especially the fancy writing you did, as well as the usual wonderful sketches.

  7. You are a prolific artist and your pictures are fun, interesting and meaningful ... so I woulds scream for N'ice cream, but I am on a diet. The zucchini would do nicely though :)I think you should keep blogging ... what have you got to lose? I assume you will keep drawing and that is the time consuming (and most rewarding) part. I say stick with it :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  8. A few years ago my kids told me blogging is out dated. However, I find blogging is a closer, better connection to my readers. I am on FB and it can be impersonal. Also I have had my art stolen off FB because there is no protection for "right click" I have that installed on my blog. I would miss seeing you at PPF.

  9. I've often thought why am I still blogging, especially when sometimes it takes up the majority of my free time, but I do love it. I don't just post about my artwork, so it's a good way to keep a journal for me. I use Facebook, but I don't actually feel comfortable or very knowledgeable using it. I like Instagram, but I think I'll stay with blogging for a while longer.
    I've actually bought my own website domain and am trying to design and organise that.
    Now on to your art... oh my Lynn you are prolific. I could only dream of producing so much art. Your class sounds such fun. I'm always trying to improve my lettering.
    I hope you keep blogging. Happy PPF to you

  10. Your soul is in your drawings, and captions, and sayings you borrow or invent, YOUR SOUL! Even if nobody saw it, you are aware of it, and you continue to feed and care and cherish it. I've been contemplating the same thought of quitting; given myself a deadline, actually. For me blogging is more intimate and far reaching, and if it touches just one person out there, just one soul talking back to mine, then, it is worth it. I find that Facebook is way too transient, too busy. Blogging took the place of journaling for me; and it became a vehicle to get my writings done and shared, and sometimes, only sometimes, one or two posts got the results I had anticipated. Mostly, I'm writing for my children, who are too busy to know or ask what I'm thinking, what is its like to be me now that they don't see me or have no time to see me. I wish I had writings or paintings or anything from my parents, or my friends whom I lost touch with. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and drawings. Thanks for visiting me too.

  11. I see so much of your work in so many places... perhaps the blog is redundant; or perhaps it is the only place you need to record your own moods, travels, and progress. That's for you to decide. I too like the instant feedback of our FB art groups. As for me, I rarely post in more than one FB group, depending on my subject. Daily 'little' sketches are for me and my journal. When I have a topical/interesting/participation post, I do share where it applies. And I find that keeping up with posting in so many internet forums was taking away sketch time. We have mutual artist friends who do all you do and more, tho... So I guess it's a matter of personal preference. Your choice. As for me, I LOVE your albums of fotos of garden progress; and I'd rather see a post like "my blog is UP" (so that I can scroll through them all in one place) than view each of your daily sketches 3 or 4 times, depending on how many pages you're sharing them with.

  12. I know of one or two bloggers who have closed down/stopped adding to their blogs in favour of Facebook or Instagram. Both these are good media places.

  13. I don't comment very often but enjoy looking at your art :) I have always said if blogging becomes a chore I will prob stop but at this point its mostly for my records. facebook and instagram have pretty much taken over

  14. To answer your questions, yes I would miss it if you didn't blog. I think blogging isn't as hot as it used to be but I still think it is a great way to show what you do. I'm not as crazy about looking at art on facebook only because face book is such a a much more impersonal area. You take a quick look, which is all its suppose to be. Versus a blog post, you really visit the person. Loving your lettering. Hugs-Erika

  15. Adding my voice...I love your blog, it's direct, immediate (for me). I've never been able to figure out facebook and instagram is confusing for me, too.
    I vote for your blog, please, with sugar on top.

    1. Ok, Ok! But I need forgiveness if I don't get to everyone else's blogs! The guilt is killing me!

  16. I would miss your blog. I think blogging is more intimate than facebook. For me I will keep blogging until it's not enjoyable anymore.

  17. Lynn, I am yet another one that loves your blog and enjoy each and every post. I understand the time associated with posting (dont do very well myself) but enjoy the personal-ness (my word) of a blog. I don't linger on Facebook or Instagram like I do when viewing blogs. You of all people, with your background, should know guilt is a waste of valuable energy. Keep up your good work and forgive yourself when you can't (or don't).

    1. Ok then! It stays! And thanks for the guilt free reminder! Hugs!

  18. Oh I am loving your different fonts...they are wonderful! I often save a few of my favorite blogs for the end....yours being I can really savour every thought and image! Sometimes I get distracted and forget to return. However blogger comments are a lot less in summer months as people enjoy holidays , the outdoors and gardens! Keep your blog, it's always a nice long form reference, you can always have it made into a book. There is always some new social media...just as I get used's changing more to videos and the visits drop off. There will always be something new since it's pioneer stages of social media!! The idea is to stay current....Since we all know this way of life is here to stay! Beautiful work this week...thanks for sharing!!

    Hugs Giggles

  19. I am on Instagram and FB. I blog because I like blogging and I also feel that I am in control of my blog unlike FB where we are subjected to its capricious algorithm.


Thanks for leaving your comments as I love hearing from you. Your words of encouragement are why I continue to draw!