Thursday, August 11, 2016

dRaWiNg My WaY tHrOuGh AnOtHeR wEeK aNd CoMiNg HoMe To GaRdEn BoUnTy!

                New garden pride 

Hi all! I'm just back from a week away in Portland, Oregon! You can see more about that on my post before this one. (last weeks)
It's been a good couple of weeks! 
I drew this at our last morning in Portkand, Oregon at a Starbucks there!

Sketchbook Skool started again and I'm taking Andrea Joseph's klass in Creative Lettering! Hoping to grow my skills in that area. I took photos of store signage and drew them in the car on the drive home to California!

We stopped in Ashland and spent a fun evening and night at a Sketchbook Skiol Klassmate-friend, Elizabeth Flanagan's home! 
We always have so much fun with her and her husband and this time with another couple too! 

They have a new puppy! Huge and friendly! 

More drawings at coffee houses!

For those not in my klass those are writing warm up exercises she's speaking! 

More warm up exercises!

Writing with non dominant hand makes for wonky script! 

Blind writing and non dominant hand writing: 

Adding script to my drawings: 

Script on a painting of my garden! 

And next lesson is doodling!

More garden pride! 

Wishing you a creative week! Thanks for stopping by! Your wonderful comments inspire me to keep drawing! Thanks so much! See you next week!


  1. Wonderful sketches from your daily life and enjoy your garden harvest! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. Delicious vegetables from the own Garden is a treasure.
    Great sketches.
    Happy weekend ❤

  3. Your sketches are so much fun! So full of life and color - I envy you for being able to sketch. It has never taken a hold of me. And your produce ... delicious!! xoxo Silke

  4. Super sketches as always! I really like the fishing story one!

  5. Great sketches. You have such a talent for that. Your garden is fabulous.

  6. Luv those sketches people people people. Nice. And those tomatoes Yum

    Happy PPF

    MUCH LOVE...

  7. Your garden has certainly been productive, Its so exciting when everything is ready to get picked. And more great sketches this week. I can't wait to see your lettering practice. This weeks sign lettering looks really great. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs-Erika

  8. Thanks for taking us along. I'm jealous of your beautiful sketches, the perspective totally revealing.

  9. Good to see the bounty from your garden as well as the bounty from your sketchbooks!


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