Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Week of Drawing on Sktchy App, Portraits from Photos; Urban Sketches, Family and Garden

This past week I drew every evening (almost) using photos that folks upload on an app called Sktchy.
I look for interesting poses and especially enjoy drawing hair!

Especially nice is getting feed back from those I drew and finding that each one liked them.

Drawing this group was fun too. A real challenge.

Another compliment was being asked by a group member to request me to draw them after seeing how I drew others!

During the day I spent mornings out and about drawing in coffee cafes, per usual.

And this happens to be the last page in my tan paged journal I started on October 1 and finished on the 17th. Fifty drawings in 17 days, but who's counting?

And even though these pages look a bit tan, they are actually white and are the first pages in my next Travelers Sketch book.

And as you can see I am devoting lots of room to practice Creative Lettering.

You won't be surprised to know that our youngest of five grandchildren is also quite artistic. We got this photo of her in action this week!!! Don't you just love those walls!

And finally a snap shot of my garden from where I sit on my new rattan love seat next to the redwood trees. We planted this in mid August and have been enjoying watching it grow. The flowering plants get bigger and the vegetables continue to produce. I love walking through it and eating my way from one end to the next. (green beans, peas, bites of spinach, cherry tomatoes; I pick the cucumbers to take inside to make salads and the zucchini to cook for dinner. I also have been feeding three neighbors. It is so peaceful out there, so relaxing, my little bit of heaven at home. I'm happy to share it with you here.

Now I wish you a creative week ahead. Thank you for coming by and leaving your comments. You know they are what keeps me drawing!


  1. nice work, I like the app pieces too.

  2. Oh Lynn, I wish I was one of your neighbors; your garden looks wonderful. And of course, so does your art. I like the hair sketches, but the eyes on the person in the hood are what really grabbed me! And so wonderful to have a little one following in your footsteps with such beautiful, colorful art.

  3. Fabulous post sing Allie and her cool! Love your latest people, I did the same this week. Trying out new styles myself! Your lettering is so inspirational! Great sharing this week. Love that your garden is still producing!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Wow all of these are fabulous. I do like you drew the hair. Your grand daughter is adorable.

  5. Wow really wonderful portraits! And your garden does look heavenly.

  6. I've haven't joined into PPF for a couple of weeks but enjoyed my catching up on your blog. And your granddaughter is so cute! You should be excited she is as excited about art as you are. :) Erika

  7. Great sketches! I love how you go out and draw in cafes. Your granddaughter looks so sweet - I love it that she loves art, too!

  8. Super post. Women portraits are just amazingly good.
    Happy weekend xx

  9. I can see why you got so many compliments on the hair sketches. I would have wanted mine to be drawn too. The garden is lovely.

  10. Faces and hair are absolutely unbelievably fantastic, I can see their thoughts . . . amazing drawings. Blessings, Janet


Thanks for leaving your comments as I love hearing from you. Your words of encouragement are why I continue to draw!