Thursday, October 27, 2016

Gosh I Draw A Lot in One Week!

My week started at Starbucks, people in line ...

... and people on their lap tops ...

I also spent time on Sktchy app where we draw people who upload their photos to be drawn. As you know I look for the bit off the side of the box if I can find it and this one was a real winner for me!

... Then another morning out, this time at that NEW Starbucks that took forever to OPEN just a few blocks from where we live ....

... But open it did. This guy really had BIG HAIR!

I love the window light as it was great for drawing. The whole place is really well lit. However, the music is coming out of speakers in every corner and it's a bit LOUD. Husband goes there to drink coffee and read and he finds it hard to do the reading. Because the music is so loud people are talking loud to be heard over it so you hear all their conversations ... We love the proximity to home, and I am seriously thinking of asking if they'd consider lowering the music a tad.

The next day we went instead to our favorite one in Dixon, it's large, a big table for me to spread out my art supplies on, great view of all angles of the room to draw people in many different areas ... right in front of me ...

This couple for instance are sitting clear across the room from where I am sitting!

They were sitting lots closer ...

And she was sitting across the room, but with a different background ...

And she was seated to my left not that far away.

I do believe this is a different day, same place, back wall.

Yes same couch different people, different day.
Lady with constantly moving arms!

To my left again, in those over stuffed burgundy chairs.

And in the back once more.

I got a new book called Lettering Ledger and it allows you to copy letters from the bottom and gives several pages to draw on in the book. I'm having fun with that.

A Selfie after mailing in my ballot and finding they gave me an "I Voted" sticker so in the art journal it went.

Meanwhile back at Sktchy again. Way outside the box, this woman's photo was!

Love her hair!

Fancy lettering on this page!

And giving the New Starbucks a second chance. No, I have not asked about the music yet. Next time.
We did not stay long, hence just two drawings there on this day.

And finally (below) Thursday, at Barnes & Noble Café for quiet coffee and drawing. I really do go into the zone when I draw and will let that be my excuse for the misspellings on my pages that seem to appear. Never mind that I never was a very good speller. But only one out of five words not bad, huh?

I wonder if you recognize her? She was the "Cook Book Lady" earlier on. Not sure what books she was looking at today. But she worked hard and took notes.
I'm pretty sure she knows I am drawing people there.
I guess she doesn't mind.
Hope not.

She on the other hand, didn't have a clue.

And after those three women left I got up and changed to their side of the room and drew this woman sitting right across from me. She was busy on her phone and reading her book.
I think we may have made eye contact once, but I don't think she knew what I was doing.
It's been a productive week. I love drawing. I'm enjoying perfecting my lettering.
I enjoyed drawing folks both in life and from photos.
I also gardened; gave veggies and fruit to neighbors.
Worked parts of two days at my Day Job.
Sat in my garden and read books.
Life is Good.
I wish you a Creative Week. A happy Paint Party Friday (tomorrow),
and thank you for visiting my blog.
Your comments keep me Drawing!
See you next week.


  1. You are a genius with these wonderful sketches and words. Great Post!
    Happy PPF xx

    1. Thanks sirkkis! I'm glad you enjoy my style!

  2. You're not kidding, you are prolific drawer! I particularly love your lettering work this week. Happy PPF!

  3. Have have been busy sketching...great

  4. Great drawings. They are always so fun and made me smile on this rainy morning.

  5. Wonderful collection of drawings and lettering! I swear you must be doing some of these in your sleep to be able to get so much done:) Happy PPF!

  6. WOW. A wonderful collection of Starbuck's people!!!

  7. Lynn, these are fantastic! You have such a talent for capturing the individual essences of the personalities. As a sketcher, I would find the loud music distracting. I have also noticed that different Starbucks have varying quality of line of sight. Some are great and some are almost unworkable. But one thing that seems common to all Starbucks, which I love, is that people are so self-absorbed, almost always with their mobile devices, that they never notice me sketching. And they hold the poses! :-) Bonus. Love your work! Playful and insightful.

  8. Lynn, I love the sketches you made this week, especially the lady with the turquoise hair. I agree that you should say something to the manager about the music. People do try to talk over the music so it probably it quite loud in there. And there are others who frequent places like that to do computer work or even have business appointments. It would be a kindness to all for someone to say something.

  9. Another week of life with you. I would mention the music as well.

  10. Love your coffee people - all the sketches tell stories! I agree that your Sktchy app painted person is a winner😄.

  11. Hi Lynne! I look forward to seeing all your drawings every Friday! I LOVE your drawings! When I saw the "kid" with 2 Macs, wow! Most of us cannot afford one, lol! Nothing is worse for me than loud music in Starbuck's. It's bad enough having to compete with the noise from making coffees, then loud music on top of that...too much. I rarely go into a Starbucks because of the noise. It's so fun seeing all the people that pass across your path in Starbucks. Actually we are only an hour or so from each other. Getting together for coffee someday would be great! Hugs, Rasz...and keep on drawing.

  12. Very creative! Truly a typical coffee shoppe.

  13. Wow,...Love the turquoise hair...all the red tables are awesome and the expression on the grandfathers face as he lovingly adores his grandchild!! All fabulous work!! Always interesting and I like the out of the box lady even those she looks like an angry T supporter!! lol!!

    Hugs Giggles

  14. I love all of your sketches and stories. The mouth hold and your letters particularly caught my eye this week! Keep it up!
    ~~ Irene

  15. What a lovely and lively bunch of drawings! You have been busy. The woman with blue/green hair really caught my eye and I love the lettering!

  16. A really fun set of pictures. Sorry about your Starbucks. Weird. The stories are so interesting and the pictures with them show these stories. Fantastic art work. I have always enjoyed your art and witty comments. Blessings, Janet


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