Thursday, November 3, 2016

Welcome: Only 22 This Week!

You can tell by the chairs where we go for coffee ... the red/burgundy over stuffed chairs are at Starbucks ...

As are these wooden chairs with the double curved backs ...

Still working on my Creative Lettering between jaunts to coffee houses!

This is a different Starbucks in our home town.

You can see all sorts of people and fairies if you watch carefully ...

This fine woman offered her photo to draw on the Sktchy App. Here's my drawing just in ink. I loved braiding her hair!

Back at Starbucks out of town ... these stacks of boxes are at all the Starbucks, I'm guessing they are the holiday products not yet ready to be put out.

Those over stuffed chairs must be very comfy indeed!

These folks sat directly in front of my table at this higher table. The boy was very into his food and iPad; his mom was very into him; and the dad was busy getting up and down and looking around.

The woman's photo gave her skin a purple sheen and I did my best to capture it with watercolors.
She later told me she really liked what I did.

You can see at the first Starbucks at the top later in the week, the Halloween spirit was high.

One more Sktchy woman. She liked hers too. These are such fun to do.

Later in the week I got into a black and white mood. I really enjoyed drawing with my  Varsity fountain pen.

And the next day too, today actually (Thursday) at Barnes and Noble Café. These tables are red in real life, but I liked leaving them white and black to finish off the week with this particular pen.

And then we went out to lunch at the Napa Deli before running a bunch of errands:

It was a good week. I hope yours was too. I only worked part of one day this week. I guess I am officially semi retired. Next week I will work part of two days. And think I may not take any new clients until the first of the New Year. See how that goes.
I kind of like this new life style of mine.
Wishing you a Creative Week. Thanks for coming by and your comments really do keep me drawing. Happy Paint Party Friday too.


  1. I think I said this last week too but I'm really loving your lettering work in particular. So many cool fonts, and colors! Happy PPF!

  2. i like all the black and white cartoons

  3. What a journey again! Thanks for your creativity and talents to observe and illustrat people to us this week. Happy PPF xx

  4. marvelous work abounds! I love seeing the character and personalities of all your people. Fun lettering too. Happy PPF!

  5. Starbucks needs to line their walls with your drawings. Fabulous.

  6. Your cafe art is always so fabulous! So lively and so much fun. I love to see your coffee time sketches!

  7. These are so much fun!
    Happy PPF!

  8. You make me smile, love your sketches and stories! Have a happy weekend!!!!!

  9. haha! These sketches are funny! I like how you capture people's essence.

  10. These are so fun and interesting!

  11. Entertainment!!! I love it all!

  12. I loved seeing all of your drawings and your lettering, too. It's fun to see all the different things you try. I love the ones with color the best. But that's just me - I love color and when I try to draw something and leave it black and white I just can't resist adding color! ;) Good for you for all the variety you achieve! Have a great week!

  13. I very much enjoy your sketches. They capture the subjects' essence in a warm and sympathetic way. Lettering is very nice too.

  14. Wonderful variety. I have no idea how I missed this last week! Love your blue eyed lady!

    Hugs Giggles


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