Friday, November 11, 2016

It's Been A Roller Coaster Ride of a Week

Lots of people have lots of emotions this week. I'm not really inviting you to share yours necessarily, just know mine enters my art toward the end of the post/week.  The new Starbuck Cup people inspired me to draw my own group here.

Last week ended on a positive note, the election campaign was winding down and I was very ready for it to end. These guys were being calm and nice to each other over coffee at the café.

Some drawings started off to be full of people and then circumstances narrowed it down to just one, saved by having plenty of room for lettering and a big red bow:

As you can see sometimes I draw people who are outside while I am sitting inside drawing them through the window:

And other times I draw the person sitting right in front of me, and as it was a crazy week I was not at all surprised to realize later that evening that I had given this guy three arms! Life is just like that sometimes, as an artist drawing people.

The highlight of our week was the visit we enjoyed by our nephew Allen who was  traveling between New Mexico and Minnesota. We were so glad he was able to stop by to visit us in California. We spent a beautiful calm warm day at the ocean, and then played a lot of cards.
On Sunday before taking him to the airport to fly on home, we went for coffee and played one more hand at Starbucks. He turned red when I blocked his move and won that game. I drew him between taking my turn!
I also did a couple more portraits off photos in Sktchy ...

... this cute little girl in clown costume and the cool dude below. I love  drawing dread lots.

Monday was the day before the election. I was glad the campaign was coming to an end as I was tired of all the mud slinging and general tension and negativity. These guys amused themselves with phone twirling.

Tension affected my drawing and made me put people in precarious positions like this woman tangled up in her table and theirs.

Everyone seemed to be  dealing with one thing or another:

After the election I was at first numb, then sad, then angry, dumbfounded (you can guess by now who I did not vote for) grief stricken I picked myself up to go out to draw hoping to capture feelings on the people around me.
I'm sure they had their feelings, but I found myself having to put words in their mouths.

By day two, I was out of shock, still feeling my feelings  and looking for next moves.

It's seems really important to let people at risk know (and I may be one of them) they are safe with me.

And to plan positive actions we can do to make sure our diverse country and everyone in it has their rights respected and taken care of.

So I warned you at the top that I had emotions about the election results. And that it would show up in my art. That is still happening, you'll see more next week. If you are too, I empathize.

And now I wish you a Creative Week. I forgot to post on Thursday, as I usually do, but at least I made it on Friday. Thank you for coming to my blog. I look forward to your comments, as they do keep me drawing.

Take care and be gentle with yourselves and be kind to everyone everywhere.


  1. Love your little girl in the clown costume and the guy with the dreads. I love dreadlocks and even wanted them. My hair is very long at the moment but I've been warned they are heavy. I think many people are still numb, peace to you my dear.
    Sending love and light!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. I love getting a glimpse into your life through your sketchbook, Lynn. I think you are doing such a wonderful job of processing your emotions through your art... I'm trying to too.
    (I'm going to look up the rules for "spit and malice" now... We're always on the lookout for a new card game to play!)

  3. Love your illustrations, Lynn, and how you see people in your life. The clown girl was my favorite this time around. About the guy with 3 arms, I didn't notice it and had to search for the third arm! In 60 years that I have been voting, I have seen us swing back and forth many times. After 8 years, I felt it was time for a change. Not necessarily the change we got. I just hope he has restraint on his mouth so we don't have trouble internationally. Wondering if it is time to consider doing away with the electoral college.

  4. awesome sketches this week in spite of all the news Lynn!

  5. Love these! 3 armed guy is totally legit bc to me that shows motion. Pretty much all my anger grieving etc for this country was tapped out back in May bc by then I pretty much knew where we were headed though it is inevitable still a shock.

  6. Love these! 3 armed guy is totally legit bc to me that shows motion. Pretty much all my anger grieving etc for this country was tapped out back in May bc by then I pretty much knew where we were headed though it is inevitable still a shock.

  7. If she had stuck to the issues and not brought herself DOWN to his level, she would be president and clean as a whistle. Now she needs to let it go, don't play the Blame Game. I always love your art. . .those are funny guys and gals. Do you have a calendar again this year? Blessings,Janet


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