Thursday, November 17, 2016

Welcome to My Week of Drawing Out and About

UPDATE: I have added a letter from my two eldest grand children at the end of this post.
They are setting off to help at Standing Point in North Dakota to help in anyway they can
for the cause of Clean Water. You may scroll down there first to read their letter and then return to see my photos, as their cause is of great importance. Thank you.

Since I move photos from my iPhone to Blogger App and then to my Computer and it is not always a smooth transition these photos are not always in exact chronological order, however they were all drawn since last week at this time to the present. So I am sure this matters not to the viewer *much!

This one for instance was just drawn yesterday. We went a day early to Barnes & Noble Café due to my work schedule. This guy was sitting in interesting surroundings. I can relate to all the words that were on actual signs and boxes around him.

This guy was eating breakfast. I was surprised to find he  bought cooked eggs there. I had no idea they could do that. Maybe they are pre prepared eggs warmed up in a microwave. That sounds pretty awful to me, but then I don't eat eggs any more anyway so not my problem. He seemed to be enjoying his.

Earlier in the week we were in a Starbucks in our town. We go to several in town and some out of town. I always find the "regulars" wherever we go. I have drawn the guy in the red shirt and his wife across from him numerous times before. The other couple is new to me. They seemed to be getting along fine.

I continue to find faces on the Sktchy  App to draw that amuse me. I used new watercolor crayons I found at Barnes & Nobles. They are challenging to work with. But I continue to try.

My feelings keep falling onto my pages, as I imagined this mom talking to her daughter over their computers.

I think she is at the out of town Starbucks.

These folks are still keeping me thinking about the election results and what I can do as my part in making life okay for us all.

Oh look! Case in point: this is the same couple (guy in blue shirt here is the guy in red shirt mentioned earlier and his wife in orange shirt holding on to another guys arm). I have drawn all three of them before numerous times. They seem to be mirroring my thoughts and feelings well.

We have found a new deli we like. They make a good veggie wrap and a  veggie sandwich too. I ask them to hold the cheese which makes it vegan! This too was drawn right after the election. I still feel the same. (same watercolor crayons too)

On a lighter note on this day an entire Rugby team was present and I think I drew most of them.

These ladies also there were worried about their LGBTQ Community Rights, I could tell.

This couple was just enjoying a snack with their coffees. I have no idea how they feel about the election. They were dressed conservatively.

Coffee drinking is a very sedentary act. One must get their exercise as they can. She did.

This is a staffer on his break.
A different day and new group of ladies. I loved their cheerful chatter over lunch. Eating out of the bag did not become her, however.

some do it better than others!
Meanwhile back at Sktchy. This is a drawing activity I do in the evening in my recliner after dinner in front of the TV. These ladies seemed to be having the time of their life. Driving and taking a selfie at the same time seems like a high risk activity!

I loved the look of this woman. She is young, but has the look you'd find in a old photo found in an antique store from many decades ago. She also reminded me a bit of Ann Frank.

This gal, on the other hand, is very current and up to date. She is also reacting in disbelief to the election results!

I call this one BLACK LIVES MATTER!

This is actually a smiley young fellow, but I think I made him look like his mother! That happens sometimes.
My last Sktchy guy had a longer face. I may try doing this one again. But he liked it. It's always nice to get feedback from the people I draw in this group. They are always so kind.
Okay, you are now up to date on my drawings. I'm not going out this morning.
I may draw at home.
I wish you a Creative week and thank you for coming by to see mine.
Happy Paint Party Friday!
Thanks for your comments too, as they are what encourages me to keep drawing!

I am a PROUD grandmother.
I have five amazing grandchildren ranging in ages 5-26.
The two oldest, Mikiah 26 and Kaeli 22, are about to embark on a drive cross country to Standing Rock.
I am copying the letter they put out about this to their family and friends:

Dear Family,
Over the past weeks Kaeli and I have been sharing the intense emotional landscapes within our hearts about the events at Standing Rock.
The full spectrum of emotion has been touched. Grief, outrage, devastation, powerlessness, inspiration, devotion, strength.
We are heeding the call to join the water  protectors in North Dakota.
We make this journey in prayer and we ask that you pray with us. Pray for the remembering of what is truly important.
Clean Water for our children. Respect for that land that gives us everything. Honor for those that came before us.
We are leaving this Sunday morning and will spend a week lending our hands and hearts in whatever way we are able.
We will be taking as many supplies as possible, if you feel called to donate in anyway please let us know ASAP. We hope to bring a wall tent(s) and wood stove(s), propane tank(s), stoves(s) chainsaw(s), sleeping bags, thermoses, ax, 400 lbs. of rice and beans. 10 gallons of olive and coconut oil. Honey, herbal medicines and $$$.
More than any material contributions we ask for your prayers and support and to open your hearts to the potency of this historical event and all that it represents.
In Unity,
Mikiah and Kaeli
If anyone reading this feels like donating to this cause tell me here and  tell me how I can contact you . I will make sure they get whatever you are wanting to send. Thank you!


  1. I love seeing all of the snippets of your days, and the people around you! Happy PPF!

  2. I love the colour you infuse into your sketches! All the best to your grandkids.

  3. You're very good at capturing expressions - I love!

  4. You have had a wonderful week. Thanks for showing with your amazing art ❤
    Happy PPF ❤

  5. The lady with the scarf done with the watercolor pencils is one of my favorites! Thanks for sharing your, week with us

  6. Oh my goodness ! you have such an ability to catch people! I love the group drawings.

  7. Wow you are so proliferate. Just wonderful art this week.

  8. I always enjoy seeing your illustrations. My favorite this week is the black woman in the camo jacket.

  9. I love the gals in the car. .. wow would love to meet them. Moving from FL to OK I realize the importance of what your Grands are doing. God Bless them. As to the election you kept referring to. . . I am surprised no one caught the implication of Pres. Clinton making the same speech in 1995 The State of the Union address and everyone applauded. . .and when Pres. Elect Trump makes the SAME SPEECH during the running, he is called a racist. Sorry, but it is what it is. . . we have to pull together now as a country despite the outcome, it's Done! Blessings, Janet

  10. Hmm wonder why my comment never showed up on this post. Must have been when I was having blogger trouble. I was here and so impressed with all your passion and your artwork. More fabulous expressions! Love Gil and Black lives matter and the two girls in vibrant head scarves! The lady that looks like an old photo is awesome too...Wonderful work Lynn!!

    Hugs Giggles


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