Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thirty People Scenes, Nine Portraits and One Rabbit (Mosaic)

Welcome  to my week in drawings. We'll start with today when we were in Starbucks in Dixon. Check out those huge cups on the wall behind the people. I have drawn this couple before. He never had a "bad attitude" before! They enjoyed a snack and then I moved on to the next couple ...

Please forgive my tiny off color joke here. I don't know what I was thinking, but I thought it and then I wrote it down. So in my mind this is what they were doing!

I am not sure if her computer gives her Visions or not, but I was more  concerned about the woman who saw me at my art making and called what I was doing "Coloring!" I mean really, yes, I was coloring my drawing when she saw me, but I drew it first. It wasn't in one of those new fangled coloring books you can buy at every store on every corner you know. It was in MY ART JOURNAL~!
Okay, I am over it now.

As I have mentioned before a whole lot of people seemed to run their businesses out of Starbucks.
The guy on the right was definitely trying to sell something to the guy on the left!

A few days ago, oh it was just yesterday, we went to another town and had lunch. I drew the woman who I think is the wife of the owner or maybe she co owns the deli with her husband. I was especially happy to see the Chanukah decorations on the salad counter. They spelled it wrong, but  I won't hold that against them. At least they had something for MY Holiday too.
Oh, I showed the sketch which I did in about three minutes to her afterwards and she really liked it.

Earlier we were in Barnes & Noble Café where I drew these people sitting across the room from me.

When I finished drawing them, a table freed up on that side of the room so I moved over there and drew this guy who sat down where I had been sitting earlier.

And then I drew the two  regulars (on the far left and right) who come here to write on their laptops. The gal on the right was really tired that day, she kept yawning. I know they know I draw there, but they've never said anything or asked to see what I do.
I actually drew the new person in the middle first.    
The day before that we were in our town and I went with my husband to get a sandwich at the German Bakery. At Christmas time they sell a lot of German baked goods. I used to buy Marzipan for my mother in law there and send it to her for Christmas. She died eight years ago. It made me think of her and remember how much she loved Marzipan. And how much we miss her.

The rabbit is made our of white mosaic tiles with some colored tiles for decoration. Someone had put a red wreath of fake flowers around his neck. He sits at the entrance to the bakery.

Meanwhile earlier in the week back at Starbucks I drew the people sitting right in front of me at the big table ...

... and this three generational family in the soft burgundy chairs.

I swear to God this guy brought in his TV set from home. It was huge sitting on his table next to his normal sized laptop.
I have no idea what he was doing.
Earlier still in the week we were at a different Starbucks in our town this time.
This gal was dressed to the nines in her black trench rain coat with faux fur collar, and nylons.

And these two dudes were writing something on pink sheets of paper! Baseball betting was my guess.

I was impressed to see someone reading a book. I've seen this guy before there reading. No one has secrets from me.

I drew him as soon as I sat down. I loved his look. I do have a penchant for men in beards with bald heads. LOL He could have been a member of my family, but wasn't. He left shortly after I finished him. I added the background around him after he left.

She was at the other Starbucks.
So that is day time drawings. At night I draw from photos on Sktchy App on my iPhone.
Here are the nine I did this week so far:

I really like drawing Meral. You've seen me draw her before. This time I took photos as I went.
She likes how I draw her and tells me so.
I am enamored by her mysterious look. She is only 20 years old,
but to me she looks like a much more mature soul.

After all that black and white I needed something with color! Boy did I find some to draw in her.
After which I needed to calm my soul with more Black and White. Ball point pen.

I see this as a successful week. Sketchbook Skool is posting a new class about developing a draw every day habit with Veronica Lowlor. She is a good teacher.
Check it out if you'd like to draw more too.
I don't feel I need to learn to draw daily, because as you can see I already do that.
However, there is always more to learn from these teachers so I will sign up for the class. It starts in January.
I'd love to see some of you there.
Thanks for coming by and leaving your comments which keep me drawing.
Have a Creative Week~
I just went to fifty two blogs (52) and left comments on all that would allow me to, a few didn't sorry. It took TWO HOURS.
I cannot do this every week.
I apologize to those of you who come here often
when I am not at your blog as well.
I love your art.
I will visit when I can.
There sure are a lot of amazing artists out there.
If you made it here I see that as a HUGE HONOR.
Thanks for taking the time.


  1. maybe the guy with the tv for a monitor just needed a bigger screen..or he was just trying too hard to be a hipster :p

  2. Hi Lynn, as I have said before, I love the stories you make up about people. Your drawings of people that you do from life, are my favorite rather than the ones you do from photos. They have more LIFE in them! LOL! Here(Chicago area) everyone I know uses Hanukkah rather than with a "C". But of course, you can buy greeting cards with either.

    1. Gloria, I appreciate your feedback and glad you like my LIFE drawings so much. I sure love drawing them. I know it can be Hannukkah or Hanuka or Chanuka or whatever ... funny huh? I guess the CH is the Hebrew part of how I pronounce the word. Fun to have it to talk about.

  3. Wow! Fabulous! Your blog is truly a slice of life!! Happy holidays and PPF! :)

    1. Thank you Tammie, thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the trip.

  4. Happy Holiday Lynn!! I love all your work and often save it for last so I can savour each morsel. I am loving all the single sketched faces you do lately! Each evokes a great expression!! Love the guy in yellow and turquoise did that a little bit different!! I also love bald with beards. Enjoy the season! Thanks for sharing the joy all year long!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. You are always sweet to make it over when you can and I appreciate your visits and reactions so much. Happy Holidays to you and yours. I'll be adding that in picture form next week.

  5. Fantastic artwork Lynn! Hope you are enjoying the magic of the holiday season! Happy PPF :)

  6. Nice work Lynn! And that's a lot of blogs to visit.

  7. You definitely have an eye for detail! Fab sketches!

  8. I love your art! I'm trying to learn basic again - face measurements, learn to draw them correctly (ears down enough etc.). This morning went quite well but I need more practice...but I enjoy it!
    I useed to visit many blogs but only a few came back to mine so I gave up. And too many bloggers don't have url/name option to leave a comment. Don't people want comments other than Blogspot bloggers...don't know.
    Have a great week!

  9. I love how observant you are. Love the sketches. :)

  10. I love your art style ~ especially the ones in the coffee shop ~ Wonderful! ~ thanks,

    Happy Holidays to you ~

  11. great drawings with lots of favourite is the blonde woman leaning on her hand

  12. Wow, so many wonderful drawings! I think you capture the feeling of people very well.

  13. I love every teeny tiny single drop of this amazing post! You are the envy of me.

  14. wow, I´m impress by your art and everything. And I know how much time commenting take. Esecially if you have a slow connection.

    Loved to see your sketches and hope to see more later on. :) A Merry Christmas to you.


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