Thursday, December 8, 2016

39 People and 1 Cat, Portraits and Places

Welcome to my Week in Pictures of People and Places full of People.

I start this week with Portraits in reverse order of when they were drawn starting with the one I felt I really messed up on tonight. I wanted to draw this gals red hair, nails and dress. And I got off to a very good start. But I need lots of practice doing shadows. Nuff said. I did like the way she sort of turned out to look like she's right out of a graphic novel cartoon like.

This was my 101st Sktchy App portrait. I really am proud of this one.
The guy really liked it too.
It's such a nice pat on the back when that happens.

And this lovely lady with blue hair was #100!
I am proud of that accomplishment!

I have drawn Meral on Sktchy numerous times. I am enraptured by her look, her eyes, her mouth, her expression. She is really fun to draw.

This guy is a kick. Loved his hat and his expression.
He was happy with my results.

My dear brother turned 80 this week. I drew him from memory and turned the drawing into a birthday card for him. We had a lovely dinner in a nice restaurant by the water. I think it made for a very happy birthday! My brother is a great guy and I am happy to have had him in my life close by all these years, and hoping for many more to come.

I liked her rosy cheeks and red hair.

And I liked drawing her mysterious look in her draped scarf that covered her face as it does here.

I made her face longer than it actually is, but I think she still approved.

And then of course we get to the people in the places I go to to draw ...

They all have their stories to tell...

This story was also drawn from memory.

I am continuing Danny Gregory's new Klass in Sketchbook Skool called How to Draw Without Talent. Drawing I believe is mostly about practice. I hope I get a lot more life in which to practice. Oh and it's not too late to sign up for this klass ($29 26 videos,
These three are our cat, Henry V.

Meanwhile, back at the coffee shops ....
I tested out new Neon brush pens. (Markers)

And met up with all sorts of groups of folks at each place.

You might recognize these ...

and these ...

And these ... they are all regulars I have drawn numerous times before. Nice of them to return each week when I am there!
Which brings us to the end of the week. In between drawing I also work parts of three days a week as a counselor that gives me more time to look at people. I find myself really staring at their faces now, like never before, while listening to their stories. I am mentally drawing them in my mind. I am sure it's great practice for when I go out to do  Urban Sketching!
Wishing you a Creative Week!
Thanks again for coming by. I appreciate your visits and your comments, as they really do keep me DRAWING!


  1. Love all the varies sketches and portraits, you had a good week. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. These new sketches are fabulous. So impressive! I'm enjoying this different style!thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Yes, yes love these! You know how to use different mediums, how to sketch with loose hand...

  4. You've been busy Lynn.:) Loving all the faces. I love all the details and personality your faces and kitties have too. Hugs-Erika

  5. Well done!! Each face and drawing is really good....and fun to look at!
    You obviously have talent!! :) Happy week ahead!

  6. I really don't know how you do it! I guess I never actually sit in one place when out. I run in and get what I need and leave, hardly talking, and not really communicating with anyone except the cashier! You lead a very interesting life. Love your diary of humanity.

  7. Great sketches, Lynn. I just adore the guy with the hat and the big eyes!!!

  8. Woah Lynn, you are such a prolific artist! There's such an incredible collection here.
    Great work. Happy PPF to you :D

  9. Your portraits are really great - I loved them. Can't pick a favourite - have a creative weekend!

  10. These are great. You are so prolific, it is awesome. I like your comments about each as well

  11. Your portraits are just amazing. I love them all. Your sketchbooks give an entirely new life to Journaling as they truly reflect your daily interactions. Fascinating! And inspired. Happy PPF

  12. I absolutely love the way your style is changing- the portraits are a joy to see!!!

  13. drawing is def all about practice...and more practice and practice till your hands hurt :p

    nice group of drawings with some pretty amusing stories :D

  14. 39 people and 1 cat, I love that! :) I'm hardly ever brave enough to draw animals...fur is so daunting to me!


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