Thursday, February 23, 2017

Nineteen (19) Urban Drawings, One (1) Sktchy Portrait, and Five (5) Grandchildren Portraits by Lynn Cohen

Looks like we are back at last Saturday, thank goodness I sometimes write the day of the week on my drawings, at Starbucks where I drew a random gathering of individuals all doing their thing.

And then there was this couple, who I was sure was on a  first date, as they talked and laughed and carried on for a very long time, all the while posturing and showing their very best selves to each other. I can tell.

This couple was far beyond the first date, as they were meeting up with wedding planners, or so I guessed, by the stack of photo albums and brochures to look through and questions asked and ideas thrown around. In the end the gal with brown bangs left with the guy with red shirt and the other couple were the planners, who collected their albums and left together. I hope they have a lovely wedding.

This guy looked very worried.
And she is the bride to be from the earlier drawing.

Ah, a different day, a different Starbucks. I drew the woman first and then she and her partner left. So I had to find a different guy from another group to draw sitting next to her. Life creates untold adventures this way.

Do you remember "Follow the bouncing red ball, at the movie theater sing-alongs at movie theaters when you were a kid like I do? That is where this "Follow the bouncing red coffee cups" came from. There is just no telling where my art takes my imagination or the other way around.

The guy in red is the guy I borrowed for the woman in the drawing earlier. Are you all following and keeping up here?
I sure hope so.

I do believe these were a mom and three daughters or a mom and a daughter and friends. You decide who belongs to whom.

Oh yes, I remember them. This was the guy I thought looked thuggish. I am thinking he is actually a nice guy with his nice family out on Sunday for a nice morning together. But my mind saw other things in his demeanor and look.  There's that imagination going on a wild ride again.

Okay, this was the RAINY DAY that would not stop. So of course I imagined everyone was talking about the RAIN!!!

It did stop if you were wondering and the new fence stayed up and no trees fell down in our yard. But not everyone was as lucky.

On this day people were having big thoughts so I wrote them all out for you to see.

And finally today, I was back at Barnes & Noble Café where I drew only two drawings. This one with a ten in one ball point pen. I learned it takes forever to color a picture with ball point pens.

So for my next drawing I went back to coloring with my  Tom Bow markers. It's much faster.

I can't believe I only did one Sktchy portrait this week. Well you will see why next!

I really liked her two toned hair. That's why I chose to draw Dara.
Then on Sunday last our grandson, eldest of our five grand children called to say he would be traveling thorough our town on his way somewhere else and could he stop by to visit with us a bit. I said sure, as we always love to see our grand kids. We missed him over the holidays when we were in Portland, OR because he was in Peru. He gets around this one.
He is wearing his Peruvian sweater too.
I took a photo and drew this from it.

Then he told us his sister, our eldest grand daughter had taken and passed her nursing exam and got a job in a hospital near where she lives in Oregon right away! We are so proud of her. I drew this from a photo I took of her when we were together in December.

The two oldest are my son's children, and so is this next little one, Allie aged five, from his second marriage. This is from her kindergarten photograph.
Allie is an artist too.

Yael and Aaron are twin siblings, and are my daughter's two. We are blessed with a beautiful family and loving grandchildren. We love being their grandparents. Yael is an artist and Aaron a soccer champion.

It's been a fun week art-wise.
I still enjoy my day job three days a week. I notice I look at my counseling clients differently
now, more observant to lines in faces, eye sizes and depths, things like that,
as if I am drawing them in my minds eye. I am sure it all grist for the mill
for when I am actually drawing people in public places or from photos.
I wish you a Creative week. I thank you for your visits and comments as they really do keep me drawing.


  1. Fabulous of your grandchildren! Can't believe Allie is already five! Time flies when you're doing what you love! Great post! You've come a long way baby!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Lynn, I can always count on you to make me laugh out loud because of the funny things you have your wonderful characters saying. Another week of fabulous drawings!

  3. The two toned woman portrait is interesting indeed. Thanks for other great characters and observations, too ♥

  4. Luv your Starbucks sketches Lynn, it seems like it'd be so much fun :)

  5. Love the Starbucks sketches and the awesome ones of your family! A nurse in the exciting!

  6. As always, your whimsical artwork catches my eye, makes me smile. Thank you. <3

  7. Love meeting your friends!!!
    you are so accomplished!!!

  8. Yay! Another week with so much going on at Starbucks! I had to stop reading at "I know I don't know you but we have Lynn to thank for bringing us together" from one guy to a woman both sitting together. I was laughing too hard! Great line! I think I lost the bouncing red cups and became to focused on the cute comments inside the drawings. Another great week of peeking into other people's lives through your creative mind! Hugz, Rasz


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