Thursday, March 2, 2017

Welcome to my Week in Art

Oh dear, looked like I started out the week with a negative thought, not like me, however ...

You know my people have conversations and thoughts of their own!

I just follow them around from one coffee spot to another and let them have their say.

The day I was drawing these folks a man sitting next to me was leaning over trying to see what I was doing. He asked if I was sketching. I asked if he wanted to see. He looked through my entire art journal of these coffee shop cartoons and laughed and laughed. I couldn't have been given a higher compliment. I told him when he finished that I had drawn him numerous times. I even found one in my book to show him.

He shared that he was a poet and he shared a few poems he'd written that he had on his phone. He shared a bit of his life history with me too, as it made the poem make sense. He is the only child of Holocaust survivor parents and his writing depicted this is such a way to bring tears to my eyes.
It was nice meeting a landsman, someone I'd drawn before, and to find out what we had in common. (both Jewish, artists)
I'm sure we will chat again.

Sometimes my people have nothing to say at all.

I enjoy being observant and spotting interesting things and goings on.

And once in a while I pull my art journal out at other places like on this day when my car needed an oil change.

Sometimes the environment influences the talk. Like these real signs at Barnes & Noble Café.

And then there are my evenings sitting in my recliner when I find photographs on my Sktchy App that catch my eye and I sit and draw 
and color them with ink and Copic markers.


I love these people who let me draw them and it's especially heartwarming when they give me feed  back telling me they like what I've done with their photos. They are on the Sktchy App for iPhone. And some of them actually look very close to the real person. I'm getting better as I grow my drawing skills.

Guess where I am going tomorrow? To the quilt store. I haven't made a quilt in over five years. But I am going to get back to it having had a request, so I need to smarten up my skills. I hope it's like riding a bicycle and I will get back on my sewing machine and remember how to ride it.

Wishing you all a Creative Week ahead. Thanks so much for coming to see what I draw. I love your visits and comments and they truly do keep me drawing.


  1. Thanks for another look at your week. Always makes me laugh. I really enjoy them. Loving your Sktchy pics too.

  2. I love all their little snippets of conversation! Happy PPF!

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  4. And now your sketching is opening doors to new friends, I love it! And I love your portraits. i can't believe how skilled you are with the Copic pens...just amazing. Happy PPF

  5. You are such fun and so talented. I always love my visits here! Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Lynn came back because I didn't think my comment went through on my tablet...I saw an error and wanted to fix it!!

    Lynn this was such a heartfelt post! I loved the story of you and the other artist! Your sketchy faces are amazing! So good! I think your style is so evident and full of passion! Love everything here! Made me giggle and feel sad too! Well done!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Your people are such fun. I'd never think of half you do, so I really enjoy their conversations and your art work.

  8. I love the little conversations your people are having. Especially like the ones in the bookshop - I often wonder about some of the headings they give to the sections...

  9. Wow! You are so prolific! Next week there is a challenge to paint or draw 100 people in one week - March 5 - 10. This is right up your alley! Google it - I think it is connected to the citizen sketcher..... have a great week!


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