Thursday, April 13, 2017

Urban Sketches, Portraits and My 200th Portrait for Sktchy!

Today we went to Barnes & Noble Café where I drew patrons. This lady was with a guy, but he kept getting up and leaving and coming back and leaving and finally they left together. Just so you know.
She came in and ate a nice little piece of cake with her coffee and then got up and left.
But stayed long enough to draw her. I'm fast now so they don't have to stay long.

My husband was my next victim (or model) as he sat across the room from me drinking his coffee and reading the newspaper. I caught the guy above him too.

This couple had the honor of being the last drawing in the art journal I started in March and finished on Wednesday. April, 12, 2017. Took just a bit over one month to fill it.

This was a day I chose a bag of markers and crayons from my bag to use different that my usual tools. Something for variety sake.

Another day, another Starbucks. Long lines, oh yes, it was on Sunday last.

These guys were there too. When they got done they shook hands in a sort of knocking knuckles thing and each turned his hat the opposite direction. Not at all sure it that was significant of anything, or if it was totally unconscious acts on both of their parts. Your guess is as good as mine.

And then there are the Sktchy portraits I am doing one a night. The challenge is Sktchy30, one a day for each day in April. But I am sure I will continue it.

We are drawing to themes. This one was the use of a quote.

This one was "Storytelling".

This one was using a medium I don't generally use. So I chose water soluble pencils and pastel crayons, which I had not used in a very long time.

The theme here was "frustration". I thought this guy was a teenager and we all know how frustrating that can be. However, he later told me he isn't one. He looked very young in his photo.

Do you recognize her? She's me. Theme was "Selfie". I did three.
And my (DRUM ROLL) 200th portrait done this evening is to the them of a cause that matters to me. I chose Black Lives Matter!

This one was last week at Barnes & Noble Café.

And another Starbucks fellow.

And last but not least the Garden ladies, or so I dubbed them. They were really enjoying themselves and me drawing them.

That's it for me this week to date. I wish you a very Creative Week ahead. Have fun drawing, painting, creating in whatever ways you do that. HPPF too.

Thanks for coming by. Your support and encouragement keeps me drawing.


  1. I love your journal sketches. I always think it's brave for someone to be sketching out in the wild like that. I am mostly too self conscious to do it! Happy PPF!

    1. Thank you Sarah! Check out my book on my side bar, One Fish Taco, all about how I got started drawing in public, and yes I was self conscious and scared! But pushing myself and just going it really turned it into something I now love and do almost daily! You can too!

  2. Your journal sketches are amazing...always!!!
    I am not brave enough to paint or sketch away from my studio. I give you credit...lots of it!!!

    1. Please see my suggestion to Sarah above. I was once intimidated by the thought of drawing in public! And now it's as normal as breathing to me!

  3. I have been enjoying your Sktchy30 portraits. They seem to be a different style than your daily sketches in your journal. They are colourful and different in facial proportion and details than your other sketches.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for noticing the difference. It's the difference from copying from a photo for portraits, sitting at home in my recliner, working more slowly, catching details; and drawing quickly in a public place from life, people who change positions and even get up and leave! Two very different way of drawing.

  4. So fun to see your drawings again! Lots of goddies :)

  5. Your captions for some of the patrons really made me smile. Good work on those and the portraits. They are getting better and better. Have a great week!

  6. These are so fun. Love watching you explore media and techniques. Which two were picked?


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