Monday, May 1, 2017

#Sktchy30 Days 1-30

I skipped two weeks of blogging, too busy (and forgetful) with other things.
I finished Sktchy30 drawing a portrait and night for 30 nights. They could have been done in the daytime, but that's when I draw in coffee houses like Starbucks and Barnes & Noble Café.
I have lots of those, but none posted today. Will chose the best of them for another post another week. I may have posted some of these earlier in April, but I wanted a place to put them all together.  So if you are a weekly visitor scroll down until you find the ones you haven't yet seen, or enjoy them all again.

I did a few Free Draws. This one is our eldest grandson.

And this is our second grand child, his sister ...

And our youngest grandchild, their little sister. I'd drawn our other two (twin) grandchildren last month and posted them here.

 The folks at Sktchy are great about loading photos of themselves with a wonderful array of expressions to choose from.

Geri drew me and I drew her back. Then she and I did some collaborative work on Sktchy.
This was also my first *PICKED portrait by Sktchy! Boy am I proud!

Jordan was my first attempt using pencil.

And Maya was my second pencil drawing.

 And then back to using ink. Do you recognize Mike from "Breaking Bad" and "Better Call Saul"?

                                         And then a mix of black and white with a bit of color

   And just ink

Back to using my Copic markers. The pink background was an accident of my photo taking at night with poor lighting.

My first of two drawings of Paul this month.

She had light reflecting on her glasses.
Oh, and she recognized herself when she saw my drawing.
Now that is the highest compliment for me!

                                       This is my second drawing of Paul this month. In the first he is wearing the red Fez.
I got to practice my cross hatching on Kosa. It's from a new Klass I am taking in Sketchbook Skool called Exploring.

                                 Elizabeth is another Draw Back. It's great fun when someone draws you and you can return the favor.

This is my second PICKED * Sktchy (award)!

And last but not least, Danica, who I drew last night, on April 30th. I will continue drawing portraits from Sktchy, and I will continue drawing in my urban sketching journals as well. I hope you enjoyed your visit today and will return again to see more.

Some of you know I have been the Co. Admin. of the blog Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens for several years, a blog where other artists can join in drawing to a theme. I have decided to drop out as Admin. and have turned over the running of that Blog and ownership to Beverly Baird. I hope you will still go there whether or not it continues to show up on Paint Party Friday's list and support all the artists there. Thank you for your support in the past when it was my blog I shared with Ann Hyde.

I wish you a Creative Week and a Happy Paint Party Friday.


  1. Oh my goodness . . . I enjoyed my visit! You capture so much personality in your drawings. This has been fun:)

  2. Thank you Connie, for your visit and your reaction! Much appreciated!

  3. Lynn these are all so FABULOUS! This truly is a wonderful style for you...I just love it!! Emma Rose,Hannah, Jade, Geri, Mikiah, Emma,Ann are a just a few of my very favourites!! Yes I knew that was Mike....just saw him on a talk show last night..he is quite a character!! Lights are flashing...big storm happening!! Awesome collections!! Might have another book by the end of all these!! Good to see you this week!! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Thanks so much for your huge response,Giggkes! I'm glad you have so many favorites! I am enjoying drawing these! And it would be fun to see them in a book. Thanks for your encouragement. Enjoy your weekend too. Hugs!!

  4. It is difficult to find time to fit everything in sometimes, but your artwork is super.

    1. Thank you. Drawing is a priority for me now. And I'm glad these are appreciated.

  5. How do you capture personality with paint and pencils ... your art is amazing and I could swear I know some of these people, not exactly by how they look but by who they seem to be which is apparent in your artwork. I am so impressed with your abilities ... looking forward to more :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I wonder if some of this comes from my career as a counselor where I've sat across from people staring into their emotional faces for over 30 years? And I've been taught to draw what I see. The combination is responsible for this outcome I feel. Thank you for asking.

  6. Some wonderful portraits today, Lynn. Love Geri!

  7. What ever technique or color you use I LOVE your art!


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