Thursday, May 11, 2017

Welcome to My Week in Drawing

A work in black ink on white paper. In fact it is a Papermate pen.
Nothing fancy.

And I continue to draw at Starbucks. Tom Bow markers were my tool of choice.

I  used Copic Markers and Ink to draw Nicole. She is from Sktchy App  as are most of my portraits.

This was a memorable day when two separate people at the same Starbucks, one a customer and one an employee, stopped by my table to tell me they liked my drawings.

Sktchy guy using Copic Markers.

I drew Sally Yates while watching her testify on TV.

J. Travis is another Sktchy subject. I am so grateful to these folks who allow us to draw them.

You can see a theme here of my mixture of drawing portraits and drawing from life at Starbucks.
I like it when my art tells a story.
I also like the big fat wooden water soluble crayon used for the background here.
I chose not to add water this time.

She was fun to draw too.

We went out to dinner last Friday night at a friends house and I drew my husband playing guitar and singing. I also drew two of the other male guests, but have decided not to post everything I draw.
My posts are probably way too long as they are.
 It was a fun night.

This fellow had an interesting shaped head. He liked my rendition of him too.
Always nice to hear.

Kate liked her portrait too.

Another story

And another true story from a Sktchy photo. Again drawn just using an ink pen.
Thank you for stopping by and viewing my drawings.
I appreciate it.
I wish you a Creative Week ahead.


  1. Gosh I wish I could meet you for coffee!
    Totally love your drawings, I look forward to seeing the latest on PPF!
    Have a fab sketching weekend!

  2. Your drawings & faces are stunning and so expressive.

  3. It feels like forever since I last visited here but I love that you're still drawing folk from life in coffee shops. I've never heard of the sketchy app but it sounds like good fun. Chloe is my favourite portrait - I love the wallpaper in the background!

  4. What a wonderful week of art. Great work. Your drawings are excellent.

  5. It used to be I enjoyed your sketches just for being sketches but I now enjoy the story they tell as well, especially the last words necessary. Keep up your wonderful work. You have an appreciative audience out here.

  6. Your art does tell a story ... maybe a different story to each beholder, but I think I am close to what you are saying in your pictures. I like that you go out to where the real people are and catch them in the middle of their life ... Beautifully done, Lynn ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  7. How wonderful! Your sketches always make me smile and these portraits are seriously spectacular. You have such a cool, whimsical style. The black and white portrait at the top is amazing!

  8. So many lovely sketches, Happy PPF

    Much love...

  9. I do rather adore your Starbucks sketches. Maybe you will sketch me one day and I will end up here lol
    Happy Friday ~ ^_^

  10. Wonderful sketches and drawings. I enjoy both ink and colored in portraits and of course, your stories are a delight.

  11. Wonderful sketches, full of feeling.

  12. Fascinating drawings! And lovely colors. So vivid!

  13. These are all fabulous but number 5 is my fave.

  14. You've got more portraits than Starbucks sketches this time. Nice work!

  15. Lots of interesting people and you have captured them so well.


Thanks for leaving your comments as I love hearing from you. Your words of encouragement are why I continue to draw!