Thursday, May 18, 2017

Artists Love Attention!


Welcome back or welcome for the first time, which ever the case, I'm glad to welcome you to my blog.

I continue to draw every day, and evening; I am no longer posting every single drawing I do, but almost. I also post on Facebook and in several artist's FB groups such as Sketchbook Skool, Everyday Matters, Artist's Journal Workshop, Urban Sketchers (group), Sketchbookers Society and I Love Creative Lettering. Oh, and Sketchbook Skool: A Drawing a Day, and on the Sktchy App on my iPhone.

So my art gets seen by many. I love the attention and responses it receives. I am sure every artist likes to have their work appreciated. And it's fun to share, to get inspiration from other artists, encouragement, all of which keeps me drawing.

Here we were last Thursday at Barnes & Noble Café. Interesting that I drew a woman with good hair last week and again this week there (see one of the last drawings on this thread)
I guess being a thin haired person I am drawn to others with full heads of luscious hair. A little green with envy perhaps.

I imagined these women as being best friends since childhood or maybe sisters even:

This is Lynne, a woman I met on line, who draws in urban environments like I do. She's also on Sktchy so I drew her portrait there this week.

These gals were all at Starbucks ... where I go to draw most of the days of the week.

I really enjoyed drawing Jonathan from Sktchy too. And the background was great fun as well.
I like how it sort of makes him pop off the page!

Haylee saw my art on Sktchy and asked me to draw her so I did. I don't know that she's seen it yet.

I finished another Travelers Pentalic art journal this week. That always feels like such an accomplishment, although I am finishing up about one a month or darn close to it.

This was a good day in another way too.  A woman sitting next to me at a table big enough for four saw me drawing and said something about it. I asked if she wanted to see more and she nodded affirmatively, so I handed her my almost finished sketchbook. She sat and looked at every single drawing (that way over 100 pages) and she smiled and laughed her way through it, stopped to compliment me over and over again. Needless to say, it was a very enjoyable experience for me.
(I can still remember when I was terrified to draw in public)

Sktchy folks are all about originality in posting interesting photos of themselves for others to draw. I like to find the ones with a bit of a challenge.

That said, Rebecca was such fun to draw. I added the dialogue myself.
She liked it. So did a lot of other people. Many said they saw themselves in this one.

Bam-Bam says he's an artist from California (like I am) ... I wonder if I'll meet him one day?

See, here is the second woman, second week in a row  at Barnes & Noble Café with a very full head of hair. If only!
And this guy with his tattooed arms that kept changing positions. I got two of them.

I drew these guys yesterday at Starbucks. This fellow is an artist too (on the left) with his service dog.
He wasn't doing any art today, just talking to the guy with the big bushy beard.

And finally just to prove moving people can't keep themselves from being drawn I got the guy below twice, first where he sat originally and second when he moved further away in the back of the room. (on the same couch those other two above vacated before he came in.)
I can't seem to get under this last picture to write my good byes for the week. But again, thanks for coming by and know that your comments keep me drawing. I wish you a very Creative Week ahead. Hope to see you here next week!


  1. Your art is awesome!!
    I ALWAYS like to see what people you meet!

  2. Happy PPF, someties I think like that about my hair styles

    much love...

  3. the faces you capture are great and you are so much braver than I am. I'd be afraid someone would say something and I'd either hit them or shrink down into a puddle, lol. Great job.
    Visiting from PPF.

  4. Hi Lynn! I still appreciate your everyday drawings; have been off electronic art media for awhile myself... Have found it limits the time I spend in my own creative pursuits. Know that you are still loved <3 <3

  5. WOW, so many great pieces! I'm always so impressed with people that are able to sketch someone right in front of them. I can only sketch people from photos. lol! I guess that's not 100% true because we sketched live models in college but I'm much more comfortable with pictures. lol

    1. I started Drawing live then moved to portraits from photos and now my from life drawings are even better! It's all just about practice!

  6. wonderful sketches, love them coloured in.

  7. a lot of fun sketches with wonderful character.
    I like the background details you have in some of them.

  8. lots of great work :) artists generally want to be acknowledge, getting inspiration from others and helping other artists are the main reason i post art. i really need to bring a tiny sketchbook out more and draw what is around

  9. I say this every time...but I'm in love with your sketchy work!!I can understand that woman's allure looking at your pages, your style has so much personality!! It's interesting, fun, genuine!! It ALWAYS makes me happy. Love them all but Rebecca is my very favourite this week!! Even though I have very thick hair...I still love and admire thick hair...especially curly since mine is poker straight!! Great post as always!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Yes, one has to love Rebecca! Unfortunately I see myself in her and I'm sure both kids would vouch for that! I even looked like that then! Oy! Thanks for all your kudos! They build me up and make me see there's reason to keep drawing! Grateful, Giggles!

  10. I see outstanding personalities in all your drawings. I like to think of their lives as I go through your wonderful drawings. Blessings, Janet


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