Friday, August 31, 2007


Yesterday I needed thread so I went to Joanne's to pick some up. I was remembering Gwen, the wonderfully helpful woman who sold me my machine on Saturday. Gwen was new on the job. She had trouble with the computer when it came time to ring up her sale. She had to call the manager several times to get help with this. She'd also brought the manager in earlier when I was trying out the new machine and the Fab-U-Motion device. But Gwen was warm and helpful and I felt caring. After she was finally able to complete the business transaction for me (I'd been in the store for over four hours between playing with the machines, making my decision and finally taking hold of my new acquisitions) she helped me out to my car with the heavy items. She was embarrassed that she had had such difficulty with the computer. She shared with me that her real job was that of a nurse, and she had taken this job just to learn more to use machines she had purchased herself. A nurse. No wonder I felt her good care. When I went in yesterday I sought her out. I wanted to say hi. To ask a few more questions about my machines. She saw me and smiled. She told me she had been thinking of me. She called me by name. It felt so nice to be remembered and thought about by this warm caring person. It really did "make my day".


  1. She sounds like a sweetheart. Exactly the kind of person that SHOULD be a nurse. And clearly, her personality is good for business. :-)

  2. What an interesting reason to take a job!


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