Wednesday, August 29, 2007

free style art or mess?

I am working at figuring out how to use the Free Style Motion equipment I got on Sunday. I haven't decided yet if my use of various colors of threads and my oh so free styles of movement around my blocks and around the figures in the blocks (fish/mermaids/etc) are artsy looking or just a jumbled mess. I'm glad I am making this for a teenager. Some how I feel she'll be forgiving. Maybe she'll even think it's cool. But I don't think it falls in any quilters league of fineness. It doesn't have that polished look to it. I pour over quilting magazines and books each night before falling to sleep lately searching for ideas and inspiration. I even feel okay allowing myself to go outside the box on this one. Sometimes way outside the box as my free floating stitches fly over the cloth. Literally. I'm still having fun. And isn't that what's its all about? I'm too tired to post a photos tonight. You'll have to wait to see what it's turning into.


  1. Next time you're at the library, see if they have The Quilts of Gee's Bend.

  2. Okay, Kiki, I will look for this book. Any hints of why this particular book? Are there "messy/artsy" quilts in it?

  3. I found Gee's Quilts on
    Beautiful works by African American women in Alabama. Some date to the days of the Underground Railroad. I loved the non-symetrical looks, the bright colors, the odd shapes. Yes, this is more the style I'd like to achieve. Thanks Kelly for guiding me in this direction.


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