Sunday, August 26, 2007

I went to Joanne's to check on sewing machines. While quilting this weekend (Friday-Saturday) I nearly wore out my thumbs pulling and turning material this way and that. I went in to see if I could find a machine upgrade that would have a larger open place between needle and side of machine. Nothing sufficed until I jumped from my $170 model to one that sold for $1050 on sale! It's computerized! Awesome features. It's the Sapphire 830 model by Husqvarna/Viking. Then I saw this device that stole my heart. I spent several hours playing with it. I don't know if any of you quilt, but one "could buy" a machine to do one's quilt tops for around $5000 or more! Well this device called a "Fab-U-Motion" also by Husqvarna, allows you to hook up to your machine and do free style quilting for only $999 on sale! ;-) Needless to say I needed both! And I came home with both! I can buy them over two years interest free! Ta da! I am a happy sewer. My rationale? I only have a limited bit of life left to live (compared to what I have already lived that is) and I want to have fun doing what I enjoy! So still working I can afford them, and will do just that! Hey, my passion could have involved something much more expensive! I think I got off cheap. PS. Several hours later after watching CDs for both programs Machine and Free Style Motion(er) I am terribly frustrated. It took me 45 minutes to master the "automatic needle threader" or there abouts! Then I proceeded to jam the bobbin thread by sewing in the same spot too long. I was able to manuver this device in the store just fine. Anyone else out there have one and can help with some suggestions for getting started? I'd be real open to hearing how you are doing with yours.


  1. Try Google Groups and put in some keywords about the model and problem. Or even a regular Google search might turn up some bulletin board discussions among users of this model.

  2. Will do. Thanks for your helpful hints!

    I went by Joanne's today and was told that end of Sept. they are having a speaker/demo for the free style device. I'll be sure to go to that one. I asked about classes for my sewing machine and they said they didn't have them scheduled yet. I said well when you learn how to use it I will proably be able to come and help teach the class (if I have to teach myself between now and then). They laughed!


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