Saturday, August 25, 2007

Grand being with Grandkids

Today I took the fish quilt and my sewing machine with me to the kids house. I quilted while they napped. The parents were off car shopping. When the kids awoke and even before I had a "sewing machine" session with them. The first one was actually showing them how I quilt on the machine. I had a child on either side of me, they on chairs on their knees and leaning into my arms (it felt like heaven)...while I ran the machine explaining each step and they were mesmerized. I taught them 'stitch in the ditch'! Later after naptime, Grandson wanted to ask questions about "your machine". He sat on a dining room chair in front of the "machine" and I told him the cautions first: The cutting device could hurt him, as could the sharp needle so he was not to touch them. He then sat with soon to be 3 yr old arms folded in front of him leaning into the machine. He asked me about each and every facet of the sewing machine. He now can tell you, as he did his parents later, about all the "feet" the machine has, about the bobbin, and thread and needle. He liked the little metal plate that works like a screw driver and he saw me tighten the screw on the presser foot and later did it himself and told me "I fixed it for you grandma". I just have to tell you that there is nothing, nothing in this world more wonderful than grandchildren. Nothing. I'd say we spent more than half an hour there. They took their new naptime quilts to bed at naptime. We put them on their new little toddler beds. But after parents left I heard movement and noise so went in to check. They were both out of bed and were rangling with their quilts on the floor. I asked what was up, Daughter had said to be firm with them, and they told me they wanted to sleep on the floor. I think as that is how they will do it at school on Monday. So I said okay and smoothed them out and adjusted pillows and told them they could sleep on the floor as long as they were quiet and went right to sleep. That we had to find out if these quilts 'worked'. Well guess what? They did exactly as I told them and when I checked about three minutes later they were both asleep. And they slept soundly for about 2 1/2 hours! Daughter said they might sleep an hour! When the parents came home later they told them that "the quilts worked!" They loved the quilts btw. They identified their names first letters. He knew the "A is for me", and she that the Y was for her. I could go on and on about how wonderful they are. They both played guitars and sang duets for another half hour. We played with a little boomerang outside for a long time. We put a train together. Or I should say THEY set up an entire track and ran the train themselves. I get such a kick out of seeing them play with these toys I gleaned for them. He is riding his scooter fast now, so fast he NEEDS to wear a helmet just incase. She loved painting again and she delights in painting herself. They both love story time and we read a ton of books. They now know the Title of a book, the front, back and spine of the book, and the author. Amazing. They are so smart. And they are talking a blue streak and I understand every word. Did I mention that grandchildren are just the best thing since vanilla ice cream? Or chocolate even? Yep. Daughter said I can now please make quilts for the new toddler beds. She'll help pick out fabric.


  1. OK, Lynn, I am going into uncharted territory here... be still my heart!

    I can't believe how your quilts look. They are just amazing. It looks like you have been doing it for years! I have another friend who is a knitter/quilter. How do you compare the two crafts?

  2. Lisa, thanks for treading new waters...(me too actually as this is my first attempt at blogging).

    Compare knitting to quilting?
    Whew. So very different things.
    Once I learned to knit it became very relaxing to do. Sit in an easy chair, kick back, knit. Well, you have to follow patterns of course it's not THAT easy. But quilting seems a whole new venue.
    A lot of on your feet work, cutting, measuring fabric. Piecing it together. Then the sewing of course can be a long process. I'm using a machine, and now the free style motion device. It's all fun for me.

    It's fun to pick out pretty yarns and it's fun to pick out fabrics too!

    Thanks for your kudos. I've been doing it for about three or four months!

  3. 3 or 4 months??? wow! the colors and the corners look so great.
    your grandkids are sure lucky to have such an attentive and talented grandmere.
    I have to get to the point where knitting is easy.. i still have to pay too much attention for it to be very relaxing.

  4. Lisa,
    A friend just dropped off a book at my house today called 365 Knitting Stitches A Year. Perpetual Calendar. There is one pattern on each page with a beautiful clear colored photo of a swatch done in that stitch. What a neat way to practice and learn.

    Thank you for your kudos for my new quilting project(s).

    I am having fun playing with the new free motion device that lets me free style sew on top of the quilt. Not sure if I am making a mess or something very artistic. LOL Yeah sure!


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