Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Corrected piece

Can you see what was changed? It's better now. Off to make "sandwiches" of the two quilt tops.
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  1. Corrected? Oh heavens to Betsy, no, I can't tell what was "fixed." The only difference I notice is that it's upside down compared to the direction it was going before.

  2. Thank you for stopping to look at my flower photos.. I don't publicize them much, just a little project that is sitting in cyberspace!
    You weren't joking, it really is a quilting frenzy! Wow, well done.

    Your colours are nice, I love all this green in the quilt, it will be so restful to sleep under or just to look at.

  3. P.S. I think I left my comment on the wrong post, sorrrry! it refers to the 'mostly green'quilt of course . Oooppps.
    I give up already on this one ... spot the difference is not my strong point. My little boy is better at them ;-)


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