Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Eyes need a new resting place

I have been looking at my quilts for so many hours/days/weeks now that I am TIRED of them. I needed something new to rest my eyes on.

This pomegranate is in my friends front patio on a tree laden with them. They are beautiful. I can only imagine the juicy red juice inside that would drip out all over my fingers if I cut it open with a sharp knife. And I can almost taste that juice, the acidic tart flavor of redness on my tongue.

But in the name of you know what (sewing/incase you did not know what) I did have a free hour and went to the Q-shop today and got instructions for cutting my backing fabric (remember I am new at this). No time to sandwich them there.

Went instead to Michael's to get Frog Costume stuff for 3 yr old grandchildren's Halloween: lime green t-shirts (size small); lime green visors, big plastic doll eyes with blacks that move inside the white ovals; green, yellow and black felt for frog spots. And Halloween stickers of all sorts because my grandkids LOVE stickers.

Came home tonight after work and sewed the backing pieces together...ironed them. Now they are neatly folded waiting to see if I can do the sandwiching on my queen sized bed (tomorrow morning the plan is to get started).
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  1. Great job on your quilts! It is really fun to play in colors and fabrics, and even more so when you are making them for someone you love! You are right on the money though when it comes to giving your eyes something to look at other than your projects for a while...sort of visual smelling salts! :) Keep up the great work!

  2. Thank you ladybug for your compliments! I appreciate your coming to see and I went to your blog too and WOW was so impressed with all the beauty there...words, photos, creations. I look forward to following more of what you have to share. This is such a great way to discover what others are creating and sharing ideas, etc.

  3. I agree! When I started this project I had no idea the gift that having others read my words would bring. (frankly I wasn't sure anyone would!) lol But I've enjoyed taking a wander through other's pages and thoughts and finding common ground as well as new places I would have never thought of. What joy!

    (and as for the little sacred life button I only got mine to work this morning...I could try to help you if you would like!)

  4. What lucky grandkids...I can't wait to see the frog costumes with wiggly eyes!


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