Thursday, September 20, 2007

Let the Quilting Begin...

The work goes on. Because I am a beginner quilter I am journaling my progress through the maze of steps it takes to create a quilt. (Maybe a grandchild will benefit from my doing this some day...mine, yours? Who knows?)
These two are my largest to date (of three!) not counting the two little nap time mat/quilts that hardly count because they were just large sheets of fabric with borders, not really pieced with lots of pieces! Unlike these monstrosities!

The top photo shows the pinning of the "sandwich": the pieced top, middle batting (brand: warm and natural cotton) and the backing fabric (which I'll show later).

The middle photo is obviously the "quilting"on my machine. I am using a special foot on my machine made especially for "stitching in the ditch" or in the seams for those who do not yet speak "quilt talk". This foot helps although I am still far from perfect. Some stitches are really well hidden and some show. (They are not supposed to show). I am using a variegated thread that has burgundy, blues and greens. So if it shows on the lighter pink, well it SHOWS! Oh, you can see a bit of the backing on this shot too in the far right side.

The third photo shows some of the parts that are quilted. The pinned square is not yet done but all the squares without pins are done. Of course I still have to pull threads to the back and tie them off. I think my teacher would have me hand needle thread them into the fabric to hide them, but I like to tie and cut. (I have always been some what of a rebel when it comes to instruction from teachers. Probably to my detriment.)

I got up early so I could sew for at least an hour this morning before I have to go to work. Tomorrow will be a big sewing day as I do not work on Fridays! This is really fun, but I am really also tired of these quilts and want them done. I'm more excited about getting the fabric for the appliqued Rose Quilt I will learn to make in a class in another two weeks from now. But, patience Lynn, one thing at a time!
Some people send their quilts out to be quilted. And some do them by hand themselves. I prefer to do it myself, but using the machine.

I might also add that my sewing machine sits on top of MY GRANDMOTHER'S card table. A lovely thing in itself (light wood, with lime green top). My grandparents played cards on this table. I have the chairs that go with it too with their carved wood backs in a leaf pattern. And my grandmother was a seamstress in her own right, who made many of her own dresses and suits and coats. My cousins tell me she also made them doll clothes and matching dresses for them. She knit clothes for my doll. I used to love to sit in her sewing room on the floor and play with her boxes of buttons and threads as a child.

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  1. It doesn't matter how good of a quilter you are...some stitches will show...that just adds to the beauty that is was hand made and not mass produced! Since I'm still fairly new myself I'll share a couple tricks that have really helped me in case you're interested...taken 'em or leave ' harm done!

    When you are quilting at your machine roll the edges of the area nearest your machine (like a fruit roll-up) that will not only give you a nice anchor to keep a good hold on your quilt as it moves, but it will keep it from getting too bunched up.

    Also, just as you are about to start quilting...if you if drop the threaded needle into the fabric and then (manually) turn the knob to raise the needle again, you can pull up on the top threads which will in turn pull up the bobbin thread. At this point you can tie off the loose ends of both top and bottom threads and not have to worry about knotting them later. :)

    Hope some of that was helpful!


  2. Thank you ladybug for your great feedback and good ideas! I will try both.

    I had to laugh after reading about rolling the quilt. The photo shows the messiness, as I just pushed the quilt under the needle quickly to take it's picture! But to be perfectly honest I had not been rolling. My new machine has plenty of room to just shove the fabric back and forth with out too much effort. But I hear you about using the roll to as an anchor.
    Thanks again for stopping by.

  3. love, love,love your quilt!! i'm having my first quilting class on wednesday, I'm soooo excited!!!

  4. Brigitta, I am excited FOR YOU! I loved my first quilting class that I took earlier this past summer. It was in three sections of three hours each. We learned so much, enough to allow me to then take the intermediate classes. And to quilt "on my own" with stops at the Q-shop for advice and further instruction. What will you make in your first class? Take lots of deep breaths and jot down notes. They will bode you well in the future. I keep looking back at mine. And just have FUN! Enjoy!

  5. I also sometimes do one hobby so intensely that I get sick of it. But that never lasts too long. This is going to be a lovely quilt for your office. I am remembering Ladybug's advice for later when I take up quilting.


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