Friday, September 21, 2007

And she can knit too!

Meet my doll family
I knit these dolls and their outfits in the early part of this year. From left to right meet
my grandson doll, grandpa doll and granddaughter doll.
They all feature characteristics of the real people. There is a grandma doll too, and I'll keep looking for her photo. [you can double click on the photo to see it larger and in more detail]
There's also a teen doll for my 14 yr old grand daughter, who saw these and said "I want one too." Hers had to be wearing a bikini!
I carry a big "grandma's bag" of toys and books when I visit my grand kids. Been doing so from their birth.
They look for it and love to rummage through it for old beloved toys that have always been there (for the past three years) and the occasional new surprise.
The dolls traveled back and forth in the bag for several months. But about a month ago when it was time to pack up my bag, to put 'grandma's toys away' my grand daughter gave me a look when the only things left out were the dolls. I asked if she wanted the doll to stay at her house now. She nodded "yes". So now the grand kids' dolls live at their house and just the grandparent dolls travel in the bag back and forth!
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