Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lynn's Latest

Today I finished the sewing on a little fabric collage that integrates photos of my grandkids and we grandparents interacting with them, and them alone.
It was fun to make.

It utilizes fabric collage, free motion sewing, photos on fabric cloth done on Epson printer, ribbon embellishments, and fraying in the dryer. Could be a wall hanging in a child's room, or could be a doll blanket.
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  1. This is adorable. I love how it came out. Its very colorful and fun and personal. People would love these for gifts.. personalized baby quilts. what ever will you come up with next?
    ah yes a painting to be finished. :)

  2. Gorgeous!
    It depicts the children's world so truthfully: full of life, colorful and energetic.
    Just looking at this artwork wears away all sadness and depression... This is true that art has got healing effects...
    Lynn you are a true artist... full of ideas and full of love to give a delightful shape to them...

  3. Wonderful. So colorful and I love the different shapes of cloth. The animals are so cute and the photos on cloth. I am impressed at your computer skills. Do you need a special software program to do that??

    A delight. Bask in the warmth, Suki

  4. Thanks, I'm glad you all like this one. It was fun to make.

    Suki, special software for which part, the photos? No. Just the paper is special, it's fabric backed with paper that goes through the printer as any 8 x 11 sheet does. Now, I've been told by Karen that the Epson printer ink is best. (Which I went out and bought before making Ella.) But I have to say the photos on this one did lose some color in the wash. Ideally one might want to dry clean a piece with photos. This was sort of a test piece for me.

    HB, happy to know it lifts your spirits.

  5. Hi Lynn

    I love this quilt. So charming!

  6. Ooooh--hope you're still happy with the Epson.

    Love this! It completely fits with the kids and the energy they must generate!

    On an aside--are you going to Art and Soul in Portland? They're having a mini retreat in Monterey at Asilomar in April--I went to the one at Asilomar a few years ago and it was wonderful. I was pondering trying to go again this year... It would be even more fun to go if a friend were going to be there, too.

  7. Lynn thanks for your caring comments on my "Mountain" post. Thank you for reaffirming my path and current adventure.

    I finally got signed up for 52 books. Thanks.

    That mountain calls to me. Not to climb it, but to look. There is another mountain around here too in the opposite direction, south. That was looking north. I did climb the other mountain years ago under the tutelage of my friend R.

  8. Wow, neat. That is just so HAPPY. Overflowing with happy.

  9. Hi Lynn! This collage is a rainbow of love, so are you!
    I love it, it can be looked at a thousand times at least:) Have a wonderful day

  10. Wow! Again this beautiful artwork... It's really soulful.. the more i look at these photos , the more i feel i cannot depart from them..
    Lynn,can you (pleaaaaase) put one of these photos in the right hand side of your blog so that each time we are here, we can see it?

    Thanks for all your nice and friendly and insightful comments.. These are links to photos of Iranian women...(I appreciate your eagerness to know about me and my culture). You can click on the numbers to see other photos, too.

  11. Good luck!
    The slide show opened this time and i see that the collage is there... okay then i can see it each time i'm here! :D


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