Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Sun Came Out Today!

The rains stopped today!
This is what they left in the birdbath...AND the SUN CAME OUT JUST NOW! Actually we are predicted to have a sunny WEEK!
I share it with all of you who aren't having this sunny respite in the beginning of winter.

These are daffodils coming up in the mud!
A promise of spring...or they may bloom in February actually.
Enjoy this beautiful Shabbat/Sabbath/Saturday!


  1. Oh! I love to have the sun here,too... it's been snowy and freezing cold here for several days... and sun has been invisible or just like an orange circle behind the clouds!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. My daffodils are poking their heads up, too. and my paperwhites are beginning to bloom!

    I need your email address and I'll send you an invite to 52 books so that you can post. You can email me at karen at ksmithey dot com...

  3. Hmmm we are later in having paperwhites bloom and dahlias. I see some sprouts tho. Last year I had tons of the paperwhites.
    We were supposed to have a dry clear day but it rained off and on. So much for weathermen. lol
    You have my birdbath. Grin. Only ours has lost the top color in the bottom.
    Oh am having problems blogging today. Doesnt want to put my photos on. boo hiss.

  4. that bird bath is wonderful love the colours, my daffs are coming out too, am back lynn and so happy to be here.

  5. So nice to see spring. Here, we have just finished a lovely week of January thaw spring-like weather but no flowers bloom. Still too cold for that.

    I myself emailed Karen from her blog but have received no invitation yet to join 52 books. Maybe I am rejected.!!

    Love the birdbath photo.

  6. Glad you are all enjoying my sun and yours too.

    Suki, see Karen's e address up above. Send there for a url or whatever is needed to join. YOU ARE NOT being rejected. Perish that silly thought! Mine just came in last night.

    Welcome home Forever Young! Hope your trip was all you wanted it to be and then some. I know you said your son's wedding was wonderful.
    Always good to be home, right?

  7. This time I can see the photos.So beautiful...
    That birdbath has got a sense of deja vu for me... with those leaves floating in the water and the color of the water in it...

    Yes,there is a sense of spring in the strange and so lovely.

    Lynn I've also written for you there...Thanks for flying over my blog...

  8. The sun IS coming back to the world, isn't it? Thank you for sharing such uplifting photos.

  9. Oooooh! Sunshine here too as well at Cris's. We are all bitter cold, grey skies, rain and high wind. Yuk! I have warmed up just looking at these photos and feel so much better, thank you!

  10. I can't believe how much more light there is every day (even when the sun isn't out itself.) And I have to admit I find myself thinking and planning what kind of garden I'll be planting this year...I'm so excited to be back at a place where I can HAVE a garden! (as I'm sure the deer and turkeys will be as well!) lol

  11. Daffodils poking out their heads into the sun:)
    Sunny-Day Lynn, have a wonderful Sunday,
    Talk to you soon

  12. Wow, daffodils in Feb? Ours won't look like that until Late April, but seeing yours made me smile! Thanks!!

  13. Oh, Leave-soup and springsun and daffodils! Enjoy yourself, this looks so much like spring, I'm longing for spring here:)
    Thanks for sharing your sun!


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