Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Disappointment Sigh...Changed to Success UPDATE

This is the gate and fence my good neighbor Dave built for us! See story below.

Old gate in DHs truck to be hauled away.

This wonderful neighbor also recently built us a new gate and part of the fence by the gate out of the goodness of his heart. The gate is amazing! The old one was literally falling down, wouldn't close, was warped needed to go. Dave and his son worked over 2-3 days digging out old concrete, laying new concrete, cutting boards, building, creating this beautiful functional fence that will probably last longer than the house it protects!

Was going to add some nice photos from my garden tonight...but my photo card is not being read by my computer. Something is malfunctioning. Drats!

Just take my word for it that I have a big planter full of frezzi's (can't think of the exact name, maybe someone can help me out here (white flowers) that were my mothers who died in 1993. The flowers live on in her name. And some white Narcissus.

But I am well! Been exercising all week and feeling full of energy from doing so.
Am eating right too.
My newest project, I guess you could say, is ME!
And a promise to self for a healthy new year.

I need to call my computer guru next door neighbor to come fix the computer for me. Hope it's fixable. The computer is quite new.

Thank you all for your lovely words about my latest quilt piece. I do appreciate all your uplifting words of praise! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


  1. Well bummer on the camera thing acting up. Is it plugged in right?I know those flowers. Freesia's I love them and they smell sweet. depending on the colors.
    Hope you get it fixed soon and can post. Do you have your cameras software to use?

  2. What a pity! Hope you can post them soon. Eager to see the lovely flowers.
    Everything from you is a kind of inspiration.
    Your words about healthy life were also impressive.
    Lynn, guess what! I'm seriously considering to take part in a drawing class again... after all these years... you gave me more confidence to go on...

    About that typing problem on Hamed's blog:
    On the right-hand side of the comment box, there is a small square with the letters FA or EN; you should click on it and put it on EN mode. What is there now cannot be translated ... they are Farsi letters but not Farsi words!!! Sorry, no one can read your comment that I'm sure had been full of nice and encouraging words. Bet Hamed is dying to see what you've written!!!!

  3. yes i like that new project'me' i have a fridge magnet which says 'what about me?'. you go girl go.

  4. Hi Lynn, perhaps its the card, that would be better than the computer, no? Hopeyou can fix it!
    Congrats for working out so often, keep going,

  5. This seems to be a 'me' year for everyone.

  6. Good to hear from you even sans picture. I have smelled Freesia's but never seen them I think. How lovely that flowers are blooming somewhere in the world. Good to hear about your healthy campaign for the new year. Cheers with a glass of carrot juice, Suki

  7. Thanks Cris for the correct name of my mom's flowers. They are actually flowers she gave me many years ago and it's amazing they still come back each year!

    Yes the card is put in correctly, but the connection is not happening, a light does not come on. The card is fine in the camera, Andrea, but not in the computer.

    Human being, great that you are taking the drawing class! Bravo. I look forward to seeing what you do there. Make it a fun time.
    Sweet to know I inspire you!
    And funny about the Farsi words being meaningless. I thought it might have this great ability to translate what I was writing! Too funny, Me not it.
    I will try again later.

    Thanks for all the support for taking better care of myself. Now I am going upstairs to exercise, so please excuse me.

    Cheers (with Suki's carrot juice) to all.

  8. What a good idea for a project, you! I can't imagine someone as active as you needing more exercise, though. It makes me tired just hearing about your average day.

  9. just popping in to re-congratulate on that latest, coloured crazy quilt, I just love it.
    I hope you are enjoying your newest project:)
    Take care

  10. Wow Lynn What a nice neighbor you have. Thats something Con would do and had done for neighbors. But he would die to see all that project wood going to the dump. He is always on the look out for that kind of wood for things to make. and Love the Freshas. Good you can post pictures now. Glad you said in your post above to check out below so I did.

  11. A great neighbor!
    A great job!
    Great photos!
    A great day to see and read all this from Lynn, the Great!


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