Monday, January 21, 2008

Lest You think...

Lest you think my creativity was set aside yesterday for the great outdoors...let me show you what I made in the car on our way to and from the ocean!

I made the roses for the slippers on the left for my grand daughter (age 3). Her slippers were made on our trip to MN over the holidays. However, yesterday I made both slippers on the right for her brother, also aged 3! :-) I am thinking of adding wheels and a steering wheel or front window to his and turning them into little cars. They are crocheted from a pattern I found on the internet.
Hers are navy, white and a lighter blue, which isn't showing in the photo, and his are yellow, navy and dark green. Also hard to see the blue in his.
That's me, always busy doing something!


  1. Hi Lynn, wow you manage to figure out how to crochet a pattern your find on the internet or in a magazine? I'm in awe. I never ever managed to knit or crochet something out of a magazine, but always ended up tearing the pages in pieces... for me it is as if it was written in a very foreign language:)
    The slippers are cute, they look like slippers for a bee and a butterfly..

  2. Well Andrea, crochet and knitting patterns are definitely in a different language, so after I learned the language (many years at Berlitz School of languages, wink, wink) I can now follow patterns from just about anywhere. Patterns written in English as spoken in England use
    some different words, symbols than those in USof A patterns so one must get translations for these. Perhaps the language differences make it harder for you?

  3. Very cute slippers. And I don't laugh AT you Andrea, but WITH you re; tearing the pages in pieces. I thought you were the "cool aries"?? Tearing the paper in pieces sounds more like me. Grr. I have never been able to crochet, knit or anything....even sew though once I did learn to do crewel which I think is like embroidery but with large yarn.

  4. Hey ladies, if we are going to be tearing paper maybe we should be making collages!!!!

  5. Hey how did I miss this. I am losing it. These are darling. Lucky kids. My Grandma used to knit slippers for me. I loved them. She even tried to teach me to make them.


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