Monday, January 21, 2008

Lynn Paints for Fun at Home

Suki's barn in NH.

Whimsical rainy day in CA.

And project Positive Eating and Exercising for a Healthy Life is going well.

This is week two for me. I continue to do treadmill walking for 30 minutes each day (except Sunday when we walked outdoors in the wind up hill and down hill for an hour and another kind of workout!) 100 crunches on the floor, and today I added some pull down weights (not too heavy at this point) for arm firmness and bone strengthening.
The eating regime is amazing me. No major cravings for foods I have decided not to eat (unrefined sugar for one)...
Feeling full after a very small balanced dinner tonight...having cut my portions to very small. I imagine my stomach is shrinking.
Chewing sugar-free bubble gum gets me past the evening time habit of lurking in the kitchen for something to eat, that had nothing to do with being hungry in the past. Fridge is rid of all past sweet snacks replaced with just healthy foods.
I've also been taking my own packed lunches to work and saving money by not going out and thus having more control over what's in what I am eating. When it's dry out I have been taking short walks at noontime too. The fresh air feels good and change of scene is a nice refreshing break in my day.
Cris is working on a logo for our group.
All comers welcome who want a supportive group to help keep each other on the life path to best health possible.
We don't tell each other what to do or not to do,
we just support each others experiences, and share information which we can take or leave as we so desire.
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  1. Grandma Lynn is born. These are wonderfully Lynn. How fun that you went for it. I really like the bottom flowers in rain. I am to cold for snow scenes right now. LOL.
    Yes join in one and all. Healthy Eating and exercisng helps us create better too. :) I think I am done with the logo. Now to figure out how to post it.

  2. Gee Cris, and I thought I already was a grandma! LOL
    Thanks Buddy!
    Now to bed as tready awaits in morning. Love your logo, Way to go.

  3. OOPS Picky picky picky.. grin..that was supposed to be Grandma 'Moses' Lynn was born. :)

  4. PS I love your use of colour! the red barn is gorgeous

  5. how did I miss this post? Love the barn and the completed flower painting. Congrats on the food and exercise. :)


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