Monday, January 21, 2008

Thanks to Cris in Oregon We have a Logo

Two weeks ago Cris in Oregon and I joined up as a buddy team to support each other in our desire to change some not so great life style habits for some better ones. We hoped to drop a few pounds in the process, but maintaining a healthy life style for the rest of our lives is our main goal.
We are each using our own modes for doing this, each in her own way, but sharing thoughts, feelings, ideas, and support is helping each of us stay committed to our own journey.
So far it is a very exciting journey. We both have started seeing some changes in our bodies and habits because of the new things we are doing (eating smaller, lighter, healthier, exercising, talking, sharing feelings, etc.) and it's working!
We invite anyone interested to add our logo to their side bar and join in the fun.
Promote positive healthy eating and exercising for a healthy life!Posted by Picasa


  1. Cute logo. Leapin lizards. Can't you just click on it, look up and you'll see the URL. Then paste that into sidebar from blogger layout.

  2. Lovely logo. I have uploaded logos to my sidebar but that was a while ago and I can't remember the code I used. If no-one else knows, I could dig up in my template and see if I find it.

  3. I figured out how to add this logo. Just go to my blog and copy mine, put it in your pictures or where ever you put things. Then go to layout in the Dashboard to select elelment then pictures & in browse you can add it there. and it goes to your sidebar. Walla

  4. Oh and I made it smaller then this one so be sure to use mine until Lynn gets hers on the sidebar.

  5. Cris, thanks for DRAWING this wonderful logo, and thanks for the specific instructions for adding her. Guys are welcome to join in too.

  6. Two thumbs up for Lynn and Cris!
    The logo is so cute... inviting everyone to experience that lightness in mood and weight!
    Think I should add it to my blog as a reminder and also to encourage buddies...

  7. Hey Lynn, this is a very cute sticker/logo - and oh my, when you do something you don't do it half:)
    I love the little pink heart

  8. love the logo, still feeling too lazy.... maybe one day sooon....

  9. Neat! I think it's so cool how you dive all the way into anything you do, including blogging. You even start communities and have your own badges! You're what my astronomy prof referred to as a Supernova!


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