Sunday, January 20, 2008

We (DH and I) got up this morning and headed out to the beach. First we said good morning to the burrowing owls that live near us.
We drove past farm land...

Stopped in a few bookstores along the way...

And arrived at the ocean!

It was incredibly windy. Not too cold, but wind that felt that if we spread our arms out we'd be airborne. So we kept hands in our pockets (most of the time)...

Beautiful succulents...clouds...sea

We walked for about an hour total, the walk back most difficult as we were walking into the wind. I'd say it rated as a good cardio workout for sure!

Lunch was clam chowder (very small cup for me) and fresh crab meat!

The seagulls came in to eat out of your hand. They were so up front and personal!

The drive home was beautiful too.
It was a VERY GOOD DAY! I hope yours was too.


  1. What great photos. I LOVE those little owls. They are so darling. and you got some really cool shots of the ocean and bird. Glad you had fun. To bad it was so windy but it gave you a good workout anyway. :)

  2. WOW!! Fantastic. My kind of day. Could do with one like that! The little owls are cute - I've never heard of burrowing owls before. I guess they live in the ground? The coast looks lovely and wild. I love the idea of the wind and I know what you mean by that kind of wind that pushes against you when you are walking into it. Looks like it was all magical and the final photo really sums it up. Pot of gold at the end of a rainbow day.

  3. Oh là là Lynn, this is like breathing in fresh air, these pictures are wonderful. I just love your photo-journal of today! Thanks for taking us with you, on that open, windy, salty path,

  4. not anything like your day, magic....those owls are soooo 'take home' cute.

  5. Wonderful pictures! I like the one of the owls best, especially the one peeking out! Too cute!

  6. I just love your photos! Thank so much for sharing them! And those little owls live by you? My mom used to have an owl that would sit outside her sewing room and the two of them would talk for hours. (both 'hooing' of course) but I would love the idea that my mom could understand it and he, her. And who is to say that they didn't? :)

  7. You have been BUSY, girl!

    I love all the wonderful pictures of your trip to the beach. What a perfect day.

    The paintings are great. Remember my epiphany? They just have to be YOUR paintings, not anyone else's. I think it's great that you're painting on your own, rather than only doing it in a class. The bold colors really seem to be your palette right now... I really like that intensity.

    BTW--When you start buying lots of canvases, Dick Blick has very good prices. I like the Blick Studio brand--very reasonable, but nice. Their canvas-covered boards are great, too.

    Keep up all the great work!


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