Saturday, January 19, 2008

I'm Painting At HOME, Thanks to Patty

My childhood friend Patty gave me a very generous Chanukah gift card for Michael's and today I went and spent it ALL. Thank you Patty! I got a set of acrylics with 12 tubes of paint, 3 brushes, painting boards, sketching pencils, eraser, sharpener, mixing palette, painting knife, and thank goodness an instruction leaflet!
I also bought a forth paint brush separate from this set that fans, and a portable travel easel that sits on the table top so I can sit and paint.
As the weather was in the high 50's I was able to go into my back yard and paint. My first all by myself (no teacher to show and ask) attempt were these purple thistles from a photograph I had taken a while back. Nothing to brag about here, but just showing my endeavors and to let you know I am having fun.
And then there was healthy lunch of a little tuna (canned in water), and fresh veggies. Later in the day I had a kiwi and a small piece of cheese. I feel completely satisfied. The big Trial was getting in and out of Michaels for the paints without buying a piece of chocolate. It has been my so called treat to myself each time I've gone into that store. They very nicely have them placed at the check out stand.
But you know what? I didn't even notice them. I was so excited about my purchase! Oh and I got three small and three large canvases too! Grandma Moses watch out!
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  1. how wonderful for you! And yet again your work impresses. I just love how you approach each and every creative task with love and honesty. It shows in your work...You LOVE and ENJOY what you are doing and that shines right through.

    Keep up the good work!

    I too have cut refined sugar out of my eating too, and boy what a difference! I made tuna steaks tonight with mango and bell pepper spears glazed in garlic and ginger....sooooo gooooood. :)

  2. Ladybug, thank you. Your words touch my heart in the sweetest way.
    That kind of sweet I can have all I want...your dinner sounded delicious! I liked hearing about the herbs. I bought some fresh basil last night. Need to remember to tell DH to please cook with it or put it in what I am fixing.

    Sharing our meal ideas helps with on going inspiration and good healthy eating. Welcome to the club.

  3. Wow Lynn, You get spured on you go at it with gusto. Kudos to you big time. Its looking good.Glad your having fun with the paints. Thats the best way to learn to use paints and not be afraid of them or your brushes by using them and just get in there and go for it.

    Yes posting food ideas is good. That way we dont get bored with the same ole same ole. :)

  4. Thanks Cris. And re: food. You couldn't be refering to tuna by any chance could you? LOL

  5. OMG. speaking of Tuna.. dont buy Chicken of the sea albacore flaked in water.. it comes in a broth. oh gag me. how many cans of tuna did you buy??? LOL
    Just be sure your cat doesn't start stealing your food. lol

  6. Laughing, I got ten cans of Bumble Bee tuna in water. No broth, no flakes. Very tasty. Tastes just like Tuna! How about that?

    Henry does like the tuna tasting water.

  7. Hi Lynn, you are doing great with thos acrylics, I love the blue background and the fluffy heads of the thistles! Your lunch looks yummy and congrats for not succombing to the chocolate-desire:)

  8. What a wise choice! The best things to spend the gift card on...
    And I repeat myself once again; You are a talent! The thistles you painted are so pretty....

    Your healthy lunch seems so yummy!
    I like tuna,too. In olive oil!

    Best wishes for the multi-dimentional creative woman,Lynn.

  9. What a nice friend. Love the blue you are painting. And the plate of lunch looks so good. There is no place like California for fresh veggies in the winter. Here, mostly wilted stuff in the store.

    Good luck on your health focus. Sounds great. Be well, Suki

  10. Thanks for recent comments on my blog. Sure you can paint the barn. Have fun. Suki PS I bought a swatch of velvet to use possibly in a wallhanging and wonder if there is a way to hem it without sewing?

  11. much better without a teacher i found....they are a lovely colour. now this health kick of youris definitely making me feel guilty!

  12. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee do not feel guilty FY...but do feel free to join in anytime. We are finding the mutal support absolutely marvelous. I never did this with a buddy before. And it really makes a difference.

    I can't tell you how energized I am from the bit of exercise changes I have made. In the past going up the hills by the ocean as we did yesterday would have winded me completely and yesterday I did great inspite of the WINDY day!


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