Saturday, January 19, 2008

The ME Project Continues

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Before and After

This is our refrigerator at Thanksgiving in November 2007, filled to the limit with holiday foods, about the time I began to OVER EAT...
Yesterday I cleaned out the fridge. Not that all that was left but I will admit I threw some pumpkin pie pieces I found in the freezer out, threw out the nearly finished box of chocolate truffles Christmas gift from next door neighbors, dumped food that was moldy, out of date, expired, things that had been in there since the beginning of time!

This is how it looked after I cleaned it. The cleaning alone counted as a cardio-workout! I kid you not. Bending and reaching and scrubbing. Taking loads to the garbage cans outside, several trips to do that alone. Washing all the shelves one by one and replacing them. Big job! Big job!

And then last night we went grocery shopping.
We bought fruits, and veggies, canned tuna in water, non fat milk, DH drinks the diet soda (I do not)...the lemonade is left over from before (my drink of choice)...haven't had any all week. Not sure of its sugar content. I have stopped eating sugar.

This cleaning out and replacing is a symbol big time for how I changed my life this past week.
I started eating much smaller portions. MUCH SMALLER. I chose to eat only healthy foods. Very few carbs. Lots of raw veggies, lots of fruit, fiber in cereal, protein in fish, cheese (sparingly), NON fat milk, chicken/turkey.
I started exercising EVERY DAY. I spent 30 minutes on the treadmill. I'd walk at noontime most days for at least more ten minutes. A brisk walk outdoors for fresh air. I did 100 crunches each morning. I have started small weights for biceps. (I plan to increase weights on Monday).
I have a NEW LIFE HEALTH PLAN buddy. She will remain nameless unless she decides to out herself! ;-) But the support she and I give each other is definitely keeping us going. A real plus.
The scale has told me I have lost all the weight I gained over the holidays and then a tiny bit more than that so I feel positive that I am on a downward spiral of weight loss.
Mind you, this is NOT a diet plan for me. This is a rest of my life health maintenance plan.
I feel more energized than I was even than before if you can believe that. I get a mental high from exercising and eating right, and a faster bounce to my step!
Now that I have announced this to the whole world...I am confident that I will not lose face by changing these habits, I will only lose the weight I need to lose and continue to maintain a healthy life style for the rest of my life. This is my committment to myself!
Now excuse me please but I need to go do my crunches and get on the treadmill! It's a new day!


  1. Fantastic Lynn!! Congrats on doing so well already, and I have complete confidence in your continued success. Keep us posted ok?

  2. Oh my goodness, aren't you radical! A "rest of my life health maintenance plan"v:) Lynn, great, is this the new year 2008? Well, I let myself inspire, (already began to expand my morningly gym-program when I hear you were on the tread-mill:)

  3. Oh, wow, Lynn, I am so happy for you. I love the idea of filling the house with real food, good food, local and fresh foods. Yum!

  4. Oh Lynn, your fridge looks a bit better then mine at the moment. But I guess I will OUT myself. I am the buddy. I started mine a week earlier diet wise, but She dived in with the gusto & fire she does with every project she goes for, the exercise and watching what she eats in full force & is getting me exercising now. My back can't take as much as she is doing right now but I can do some stretches, walking & exercise biking & crunches that my chiro approved of with full approval I hope to work up to more. I had to because of my back and gaining to much since moving to Oregon is killing it & my not having Energy to do my art work for very long is frustrating. So Lynn & I, being close in size & weight & frustration over our weight & health, made a pack to be buddies on this NEW LIFE HEALTH PLAN. When I flag she will & HAS kicked me in the rear to get up & going again. And I will do the same for her. But we aren't in a contest & are doing what is good for our own bodies. Just adding the moral support, sharing ideas & hints we hear along the way. I too am feeling better mentally & energy wise. Lets hear it for a new healthy creative year!! :) Thus said, now I too have put myself out here committing myself even more.

  5. Way to go Cris! We have shared with the world and the world will support us. Who knows maybe we are inspiring more than just Andrea too. Pretty soon all the bloggers will unite in creating healthier lives all around. We need a logo for the side of our blogs!
    Healthy Eating, Healthy movement, Healthy Lives!
    Come one, come all.

  6. Oh you are both good! I would love to join in with you. I need the help of others with doing the healthy thing. I'm doing pretty good, but living with a skinny man who can eat everything and anything is a killer! I was thinking of having a little gadget on my blog showing how many miles I've walked or something like that.
    Ah well... I'll get there!

  7. Hurray for brave, confident, and determined Lynn.
    Yes, that sugar!
    Even when you are not overweight it can ruin all your life..
    I understand the feeling of mental high and bouncing steps you talked about...
    May your life be filled with all natural and healthy things..

  8. ohmigod, you're a saint! good luck buddy.


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