Saturday, October 18, 2008

# 18 Big Draw drawing of first 4" purse and Second 16" purse

Okay, this is backwards, but if I put the photos in sequence to the story they won't enlarge for you. So, read down and then come back here for the final solution to my zipper problem. Rather than resort to Velcro I decided to try a loop and button. I used fabric from the tea towel edge and a very pretty star fish lavender button that matched exactly (old garage sale find, I have a box full of old buttons to choose from.). It amazingly keeps the whole thing closed nicely. Whatcha think?
Yesterday I made a first (for me) what should have been a 12" purse, cut down to a 4" purse, but the zipper works in that one after much struggling to make is behave! Same drawing but back of purse shown here. Today after finding some cute tea towels at an estate sale I came home and made this second bag (16" long). the zipper has yet to behave on this one, so I might add Velcro circles (Mims' suggestion) or snaps. But it's cute and could hold a lot of art supplies, you think? This is part of the bottom of the bag.
I told the man who was selling his grandmother's effects that I would take them
home and turn them into treasures. This is treasure #1.
Now go back to the top and see the finished item with button and loop again!


  1. Cute cute cute. I love the ruffles you put along the top. Is the Ruffle part of your materal stash? I love it.
    Your drawings are cute too. Good job. wonder if there is a secret to putting zippers in purses. ?

  2. how can this be possible, another skill, wow you are a whizz kid, so multi-artistic.

  3. As I said y'day I love little bags like these and your button solution seems great and way easier to do, I assume, than a zip. Wonderful reuse of old tea towels.

  4. Cris, yes the ruffle fabric is from my stash.
    If anyone knows the trick of getting the pull tab back on a zipper once removed I'd love to hear it.
    Soulbrush, fun to see your reaction to my actions!
    Suki, yes, the loop and button were much easier. I like the look too and it's functional. Will produce more today.

  5. I forgot to say I love your drawings of the bag too. Great observing. You get better and better.

  6. Thanks Suki. (on the drawing) ;-)
    I am having fun with it.

  7. I love the button approach! For some reason, in my life I have never managed zippers so I have an awful fear of them - knowing that I am in for the fight of the day. But your solution is great and the color of the button is perfect. I also like the use of old tea towels as holders...thrift I come.

  8. Lynn,

    These bags are really cute, I love the drawings you did too!


  9. THese are really great. Love, especially, the ruffles. I wish I was a sewer sometimes, but I don't have the time to take up a new skill. Have to focus on the current ones. I keep telling myself not to spread myself too thin.

  10. oh... this bag is so cuuuuuuuuute...

    think all the eyes will be on it when you go out...


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