Friday, October 17, 2008

Sewing Frustration, Hummer Visit, Hawaiian Shirts Place Mats Fini and a Doddle for Big Draw Art #17and Finally, I DID IT!!!!

I DID IT!After hours of struggling with the zipper, going out and buying new zippers,
playing with the idea of starting all over, or ripping out, or, or, or,
I played around with the broken zipper, then sewed if off at the broken teeth,
and made it work!
It may be half the size as it was supposed to be...
but it came out and I think it's cute.
It works!
And if not for my teenage grand daughter as it's not quite "good enough"
my four year old grand daughter will LOVE IT! She doesn't yet notice
imperfections! ;-)

And now I am brave enough to try again and get the larger size little bag right!

This was earlier in the day: My goal today for being creative every day challenge was to make a little bag from a magazine I have called: sews stylish gifts to make . The pattern I selected is on page 33 and is called elegant evening bags. (Or make-up/cosmetic bags...or depending on fabric used just fun little carry things in bags). I chose some brightly floral cotton fabric from my stash...a stripy fat quarter for the ruffled top and solid pink that blended with the top for the lining. It looked easy to do. And I did fairly well slowly, painstakingly following the directions with it's 1/8" seam here and 3/8th" seam there...right sides together, turn right side out...then came...

add the zipper. I gathered the ruffled top fairly well...good enough anyway...and got the zipper in place, but along the way something happened to the zippers teeth and much too much time was spent trying to get the head back on the zipper's two lines of teeth! Could NOT get them to match up. So I am this far along, and went out to buy new zippers. I will spend this evening tearing out the zipper and ruffle and top and lining ends sewn together. I hope I can do this without ruining it all.

Perhaps I should just start over. I have plenty of fabric...could do...we'll said it was EASY.

Well, it's a learning curve for me. On ward.

Today's Big Draw #17 doodle while watching news on TV...relaxing to do.
This morning a beautiful hummingbird hovered in front of my kitchen window, the one I look out of while sitting at my computer. This bird had a bright red head and a brilliant green body. There are no flowers left where he was, but he was just looking in the window at me. I was wearing a bright orange/red shirt so perhaps he thought I was a flower.
It was a magical meeting. He flew off before I could grab camera and shoot.
This is the sixth and final place mat in this set made from Jim's old Hawaiian shirts. These will go to his wife, Sam. The front and... the back. All six front side up! and back side up! It was a mix of feelings making these mats; a combination of healing sad feelings,
and happy to make something for someone feelings mixed together.
I also really liked how they came out. I like how the collars made their own mats
in full and in part on they are reversible as they look finished on both sides.
And how good they feel as the different cottons and synthetic materials padded with batting hold their shape. And finally how each one is a little art quilt
all by itself.


  1. wow.. this is packed with goodies.
    Love how the little purse is turning out. I love it when they say EASY. Maybe for them who knows how to do it. :) but you will get it.
    Love the drawing. very colorful and the mats you finished. those look very Hawaiian for sure. Very cool. She will love them. Does she look at your blog? will she see them befoer you send?
    To bad you didnt get the photo of that hummer but they are fast and I bet it was looking at the color of your shirt thinking NECTAR.. FOOD... :))

  2. Phew, you have been so busy I am all tired out just reading it lol. Everything is so lovely and colorful.

    LUCKY GRANDKIDS!!!! :)))
    I like the colors you used especially the ruffle material.

  4. I love love little purses and yours is just adorable. Good luck with the zipper on the second purse. The placemats are just wonderful. Yes, I can understand your mixed feelings and in fact wonder abt Sam's feelings too when she sees these. Mixed for her too I'd think.

    Hello goodbye hummingbird. You have been so busy. Your drawing looks like it htook some hints from the Hawaiian shirts with bright colors and all. Take care, Suki

  5. I have one word for you...VELCRO. While I hate the stuff, without a zipper foot I wouldn't even attempt a zipper. But it's a cute bag and the Hawaiian placemates look so great all together.
    Very creative day and I like your doodles!

  6. Mim, I have been sitting here struggling again with a second zipper and seriously thinking VELCRO when I stopped to take a break and found your comments.

    I get the zipper sewn in fine but getting the little pull tab (whatever it's called) back on the zipper is about impossible. Not sure how it worked yesterday but today I am cutting zipper shorter again and again and still the blasted thing will not line up or even get on the rails/teeth.

    (I never even thought to figure out how to use my zipper foot. I know I have one, but don't think that is the problem. OY.

    I found some sweet old timey tea towels/dish towels at a garage sale this morning and am making a cute purse/bag out of one. Thought they'd make cute art supply bags...
    but alas...another struggle.
    and after finding a steal of a deal on 5 cent zippers at a thrift store today and buying 14 of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I especially like the doodles you did in front of the telly. That would make a neat hooked rug or a quilt.


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