Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm on April in the Art Calendar; 3 dolls on Mom's Chair Big Draw #21

If anyone is interested in ordering the Prime calendar for 2009
that my art quilt Life's Crazy Pieces is in, along with some really, truly
awesome other artists works (all over the age of 65); or you just want to see what it looks like you can do so by
going to the URL below:
and then she drew....
Three Generations I have a soft spot in my heart for dolls and these soft dolls especially. Two have been sitting here for some time...the newest, Madeline on the left I found at the thrift store last weekend for $1.50, like new too. Little grand daughter will find them when she visits next. She likes to play with my dolls. These are sitting on a chair that I grew up with in my parents home. My mom needle pointed the seat.


  1. Awww these are cute. I like it.
    What a sweet memory you drew. Something to pass on to the next generation. Your GD is one lucky child. :)) GS is too.

  2. isnt that Madeline on the Right? I too love old dolls and just today unpacked some dolls my mom's sister made and found a place for them on a shelf. These have breakable heads so they have to be in a safe spot. Cute drawing.

  3. Yes, Suki, I now have two Madeline dolls, one in her night gown on the right and one in a cape and dress on the left. ;-)
    I'm glad you have dolls too. I still have my fabric and beads doll I made from your drawing last year of one of your dolls, remember?

  4. What a great drawing! GD will have fun playing with the dolls and would enjoy the picture also!

  5. lovely, i was into footballs and frisbies with sons, but will soon be into dolls..hiws the toothache? will go look at the quilts thanks.

  6. Mim, thanks...
    soulbrush: Those aren't all quilts, mine and I think one other fabric textile piece, the others are mixed media, oils, watercolors, all sorts of art works in that calendar! (Actually mine might be the only art quilt that made it into the calendar).

  7. BTW..I did look yesterday at the calendar and forgot to leave a comment. duh. Anyway how cool to be JUNE. It looks summery too.
    I have got to have one of those for keep sake. :))

  8. Now why did I think you were on JUNE?? I thought you said it was your birthday month? Duh .. it is April. Even better it is our Anniversary month. Spring. :))

  9. You know, your grand daughter will remember forever all the special things you do for/with her. Just looking at these made me think of my Aunt Marion's house, where she used to leave special things sitting out and had a cupboard full of games, even tho her kids were grown and gone--good, good memories.

  10. Cris I did say June yesterday because when I went to the web site it showed my calendar in June. However, in an email from Dale Copelane, the woman who organized this contest, I learned that on the actual calendar I am April. Just how it worked out, so I changed it on my blog.

    Karen, yes, I am trying to create happy memories for my grandchildren. Maybe part of getting old, in me at least, is needing to carve out a place in history, to know I will still live on in the minds of my grandchildren after I am gone.

  11. Lynn, first, the calendar, I had a look at it, and you are amazing, and your quilt looks wonderful between the other great artworks! I'm so glad they honoured your quilt like that!
    You sketches are whimsical!

  12. Andrea, that means so much to me coming from you! Shucks, thanks.


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