Monday, October 20, 2008

Look what my son sent me tonight!

Look where Clematis is living...and note the bedding that just happens to be purple too! That is my beautiful daughter in law...My son must have taken this from the bed on his phone camera, as he is recouping from a minor surgery today. Thank you Dear Son. Heal quickly. ;-) Love, Mom


  1. Lynn your quilt looks fabulous. so glad it matches. This comes from a totally mismatched person. :D

    Hope your son heals well and quickly.

  2. It looks gorgeous, and couldn't match any better, could it?

    Hope son is better soon--

  3. Wow.. did you know your kids or what? Looks great up there on that wall. Nothing more satisfying then SEEING your work appreciated. :)
    Yes hope your son gets better quickly.

  4. look how perfectly it fits in with their colour scheme...aren't sons wonderful? get well dear son.

  5. btw each of your headers is more brilliant than the one before.

  6. The matching is purely by chance. And when I made them placemats this summer and brought them to them I was amazed at how they matched perfectly their brand new furniture in the living area of oranges and rusts. I had no idea.

    I remember when my son told me he was going to hang the Clemtis in their bedroom I was thinking it wouldn't be seen by many that way...but now it warms my heart to know it's the first thing they see each day and the last thing before going to sleep at night.

  7. Lynn, this is wonderful to see it hanging there and the purple bedsheets are perfect. I like the "hanging-solution" too, that's how I like to hang my textile works too. Just with a simple stick or bamboo.
    Your quilt is really in the right place there:)
    PS hope your son is fine now!


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